Where Was Rye Lane Filmed?

Helmed by Raine Allen-Miller, ‘Rye Lane’ is a British romantic comedy movie that revolves around two young people in their twenties —Yas and Dom. The unexpectedly awkward chance meeting between them sparks some comfort as they confide in each other almost instantly and talk about their recent hurtful break-ups. The bond between Yas and Dom progresses as they get more comfortable in each other’s presence, spending an eventful day in the city. They help one another get over their exes and try to realize that their failed romances can’t be blamed on love but on the wrong people they were with.

By the end of the day, the two strangers-turned-friends might end up reigniting their faith in romance, after all. Starring David Jonsson, Vivian Oparah, Simon Manyonda, and Alice Hewkin, the rom-com takes place in the heart of South London, particularly in Rye Lane, as the title suggests. Besides, the viewers are taken on a journey to the local sites and streets of the area along with the protagonists, while the vibrant and colorful visuals set the tone for the hopeful themes highlighted in the movie. Thus, it is natural for you to look forward to learning where ‘Rye Lane’ was filmed. Luckily for you, we have gathered all the information about the same!

Rye Lane Filming Locations

‘Rye Lane’ was filmed entirely in England, specifically across different parts of London. The principal photography for the romantic drama movie took place in the spring of 2021 under the working title ‘Vibes & Stuff,’ with the shooting concluding in April of the same year. Now, let’s follow Yas and Dom over their day and traverse through all the specific locations that appear in the movie!

London, England

To authentically portray South London’s setting in ‘Rye Lane,’ the production team set up camp on location in London. They utilized the actual locales and sites of the city, including Brixton and Peckham. Yam and Dom’s first meeting is in a unisex toilet cubicle where the former overhears Dom crying, which was reportedly shot in Coal Rooms at 11a Station Way in London. But it is in Peckham Levels at Centre Carpark, F1-F6, 95A Rye Lane, where the protagonists meet for the first time, face to face, after the awkward washroom scene.

The scene where Yas is seen hunting for her favorite record in a store was lensed in Peckham Soul at 133 Rye Lane. On the other hand, TOLA at 56 Peckham High Street in London is where Yas and Dom end up when they wish to hit the dancefloor. As for the confrontational and awkward lunch scene between Dom and his ex-lover, it was recorded in Il Giardino at 7 Blenheim Grove. The two new friends are also seen making a stop in Persepolis at 28-30 Peckham High Street as the restaurant makes a cameo in a few scenes.

There are a bunch of other local sites that make an appearance in important portions of ‘Rye Lane.’ Some are Rye Lane Market at 48 Rye Lane, Nour Cash and Carry in Brixton Village at 23 Granville Arcade in Coldharbour Lane, and Peckhamplex at 95A Rye Lane. Furthermore, the cast and crew members of the romantic movie were spotted taping numerous key sequences in Brockwell Park, which is located south of Brixton, in Herne Hill and Tulse Hill in South London, Ebony Horse Club at 51 Millbrook Road, and one of Morley’s Chicken shops in South London.

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