Where Was Siberia Filmed?

Directed by Matthew Ross, ‘Siberia‘ is a crime thriller film that centers upon an American diamond trader named Lucas Hill, whose Russian partner, Pyotr, disappears with the blue diamonds Lucas was supposed to hand over to gangster Boris Volkov. In search of his partner, Lucas travels to Siberia but ends up getting embroiled in a love affair. With just 48 hours to find Pyotr, the diamond trader engages in a race against time.

The romance action movie stars Keanu Reeves, Ashley St. George, Pasha D. Lychnikoff, and Veronica Ferres, showcasing their knack for acting in several different locations. Apart from compelling performances and a gripping narrative, the 2018 movie is peppered with stunning visuals to create a bleak atmosphere that complements the film’s tone. Are you curious about the filming locations used in this film? Well, you are in the right place because we are going to cover all of them!

Siberia Filming Locations

Matthew Ross chose Russia and Canada as the primary locations to bring the story of ‘Siberia’ to life. Interestingly, all the Siberian scenes were not only filmed in Russia but many of them were also shot in various small towns in the Great White North. The filming of ‘Siberia’ began in May 2017 and was completed within a year. Let’s take a detailed look at the locations that served as filming sites!

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Since the movie is set in Siberia, it was only fair for the crew to film some scenes for the movie in Russia, if not all. There are various shots of Saint Petersburg taken for the film, including a scene that is filmed at the Bridge of Four Lions over the Griboedov Canal where Lucas meets an old friend. Therefore, the crew had to spend a significant amount of time filming in Saint Petersburg in northwestern Russia.

In an interview with Salon, Matthew Ross revealed that the entire crew had a wonderful time filming in Russia. Adding a thing or two about the backdrop used in the movie, the director stated, “Of course, there was the backdrop of what was going on in the world. If you walked through the square by the hotel, there were mugs with Trump’s and Putin’s faces on them together, which was pretty wild… It was very much on people’s minds, but I can tell you working with those people was an absolute dream.”

Manitoba, Canada

Apart from the scenes filmed in Russia, the rest of the Siberian scenes were shot in various locations in the province of Manitoba. Located 46 km from Winnipeg in the Rural Municipality of Woodlands, the municipality of Marquette served as a stand in for a Siberian village. To make the scenes appear realistic, the crew transformed the unincorporated community of Marquette using some Hollywood magic by putting up a Russian billboard and incorporating vehicles with Russian license plates on the set.

For the purpose of filming, the production team moved to other locations around Winnipeg as well. The community of Cooks Creek in the Rural Municipality of Springfield doubled up as a shooting site for the film. A few scenes of the crime thriller movie were also shot in the residential district of Fort Garry in Winnipeg. The cast and crew were spotted filming at The Fort Garry Hotel, Spa, and Conference Centre at 222 Broadway in Fort Garry. Over the years, Manitoba has hosted the production of many films and television shows, including ‘The Italian Job,’ ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth,’ and ‘Nobody‘.

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