Where Was Stowaway Filmed?

‘Stowaway’ is a sci-fi thriller that follows a space mission and the dramatic events that unfold when an unintended stowaway is discovered on board, endangering the crew. Co-written and directed by Joe Penna, the film joins a growing number of visually stunning space escapade movies that portray the immense pressures of being trapped off-planet.

This time around, the emergency occurs en route to Mars, and as the crew struggles to make their life support systems last in the face of the added burden of the stowaway, audiences are treated to some very authentic looking space travel visuals. For a film that takes place almost entirely in space, it’s interesting to wonder where it was actually shot. Curious? We’ve got all the information you need!

Stowaway Filming Locations

‘Stowaway’ takes place predominantly in space, aboard a spacecraft bound for Mars. The space adventure was filmed almost entirely in studios in Germany, with additional support from a local VFX company. Principal photography for the film began on June 11, 2019, and lasted a little over a month. The film received over $2.2 million in funding support from multiple sources like the Bavarian funder FFF Bayern and the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF). Let’s take a closer look at the studios where ‘Stowaway’ was filmed.

Munich, Germany

Filming for ‘Stowaway’ took place extensively at Bavaria studios, located in Geiselgasteig, a district of Munich’s southern suburb Grünwald. The exact address of the production facility is Bavariafilmplatz 7, 82031 Grünwald. A majority of the “indoor” scenes were filmed here, using an accurate set made to look like the interiors of the space shuttle.

The extensive visual effects used in the film were added on at Rise Visual Effects Studios’ Munich branch. The VFX company is one of the biggest in central Europe and is associated with big-budget titles like ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ as well as popular shows including ‘Dark’ and ‘WandaVision.’

Cologne, Germany

Production was then shifted to the MMC Studios in Cologne, which is located at Am Coloneum 1, 50829 Cologne. Being one of Europe’s largest studios, the facility was used for filming simulated zero-gravity scenes of the characters out in space, as well as exterior shots of the spacecraft. Specifically, it was MMC’s 85-foot high soundstage 52 that was used for filming the exterior “space” scenes, which involved extensive wirework to suspend the cast, making it look like they are floating in space.

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