Where Was Supercell (2023) Filmed?

‘Supercell,’ helmed by Herbert James Winterstern, follows William (Daniel Diemer), a teenager in pursuit of his late father’s storm-chasing legacy. Against his grieving mother Quinn’s (Anne Heche) wishes, he joins an ill-advised storm chase led by the greedy Zane Rogers (Alec Baldwin). With his father’s old partner Roy (Skeet Ulrich), William faces increasingly colossal tornadoes on his dangerous journey. The disaster action film features some breathtaking visuals of tornados and storms, immersing the viewers completely in William’s journey. If you are curious to know where the production team managed to shoot the spectacular sequences, we have got you covered!

Supercell Filming Locations

‘Supercell’ was primarily shot in Montana and Georgia. The filming for the project commenced in May 2021 and concluded the very next month in June. Now without any further ado, let’s dive into the world of ‘Supercell’ and see where the filming of the movie took place.

Billings, Montana

The major portion of ‘Supercell’ was filmed in Billings, the most populous city of Montana. Most of the outdoor scenes, involving the storm-chase and tornados were taped in the city. The production team spent 10 days in Billings in May 2021 to carry out the outdoor shoot. To film the storm-chase sequences, the crew employed high-powered fans to induce the effect of heavy wind.

Director Winterstern posted regular updates during the shoot in the city on his Instagram. “Good times on set. Day 2 complete,” he wrote posting a picture with the lead actor Daniel Diemer. Winterstern also revealed the reason behind choosing Montana as the backdrop of the film in an interview with Billings Gazette, stating that the state’s landscapes and unpredictable weather suited best for the project. “Montana has got these beautiful open vistas and landscapes,” he said, adding that the state is ‘known for being a storm-chasing destination.’

Meanwhile, the cast and crew also had to face harsh weather during the shoot. “Montana is truly a place where you can have all four seasons in one day. There was one day where our characters had to play as if it was about 70-80 degrees and muggy, but it might have been 40 degrees. They had to work extra hard on their performance to not show how cold they were,” explained Winterstern.

Hardin and Lavina, Montana

Some sequences of ‘Supercell’ were filmed in the city of Hardin, the county seat of Big Horn County in Montana. The cast and crew were spotted filming at the Western Motel at 830 3rd Street West, Hardin. A few minor scenes were also taped in Lavina, a town in Golden Valley County in Montana. The town is known for its open plains and huge ranches, which made it the ideal location for filming outdoor scenes.

Apart from locations full of scenic landscapes, Montana also provides incentives to film producers to shoot their projects. Hence, the production of a number of films and television shows have taken place in the state, including ‘Yellowstone,’ ‘The Revenant,’ ‘The Shining,’ and ‘Jurassic Park.’

Thomasville, Georgia

The indoor sequences ‘Supercell’ were filmed in Thomasville, the county seat of Thomas County in Georgia. The local schools and houses feature as William’s neighborhood in the film. The production team also utilized the MacIntyre Park Middle School at 117 Glenwood Drive, and the Thomasville Pictures building at Broad Street as filming locations. Thomasville has also hosted the production of a few other films, including, ‘Bandit,’ and ‘Sam & Kate.’

Moultrie, Georgia

The cast and crew of ‘Supercell’ filmed some minor scenes in Moultrie, the county seat of Colquitt County in Georgia. The filming occurred over two nights in June 2021. A scene involving William heading towards a shelter to escape the storm was shot overnight behind a drug store in the city. Another sequence was shot at the Shaw Gym situated at 616 5th Avenue North West, Moultrie.

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