Survive the Night: All Shooting Locations of the 2020 Movie

Exemplifying the essence of familial bonds, ‘Survive the Night’ focuses on the story of an estranged father and son who find themselves in the throes of a high-intensity situation. When two criminals attack their house in the quiet of the night and threaten them at gunpoint, the two team up in order to protect their family from a home invasion. Director Matt Eskandari packs the movie with classic action and violence that leaves viewers wondering what comes next. The 2020 action thriller features exciting turns warped in unpredictable mayhem.

The movie features Chad Michael Murray, Bruce Willis, Shea Buckner, Tyler Jon Olson, and Lydia Hull. From car chases, knife fights, and back-breaking action, the story follows Frank, a retired sheriff and father of Rich, a doctor trying to build his life after a malpractice suit came raining down on his medical career. When criminals enter their houses in the solitude of the night, threatening Rich to remove a bullet from one of the criminal’s legs, chaos ensues.

With no intention of succumbing to the whims of the two criminals, Frank decides to fight back. To accentuate the electrifying situation even further, the backdrop of ‘Survive the Night’ played a key role. From the quietude of the big house to the eerie setting of the surrounding expanse, the movie’s hair-raising plot was further highlighted by its location. Naturally, viewers are led to wonder about the location chosen by producers for filming. Luckily, we’ve got all the answers for you!

Survive the Night: Where Was it Filmed?

As the premise of the movie continues to create an exhilarating atmosphere, choosing a location that would equate to the dramatic storyline also became necessary. The filming of the movie took place in several locations in the state of Georgia. The principal photography began in June 2019 and was reportedly completed in less than 2 weeks. Here are some additional details about the specific filming locations.

Columbus, Georgia

‘Survive the Night’ was extensively filmed in and around the city of Columbus in the western part of Georgia. Turntime Farms served as one of the primary shooting sites. Located at 150 Mayo Road in Ellerslie outside of the city, the organic green pastures that stretch far and wide helped elicit the backdrop needed to add elements of mystery and thrill to the movie. Since most of the major sequences are shot within Rich’s household, the house in Turntime Farms helped create the perfect atmosphere for the producers to depict a Hegelian dialectic between the characters and the ensuing struggle.

Other scenes were shot around Columbus as well. The starting sequences that show the duo criminal brothers Jamie and Matthias attempting a robbery are also shot within local premises. Additionally, the scenes where Jamie enters a hospital to spot Rich have also been shot in the local Columbus area. Other than the interior sequences that create an intensive situation, there are several scenes that have been shot outside as well. The pastures of Turntime Farms lent heavily to the shooting of the scenes where Jamie manages to leave the house and Frank and Rich follow hot on the criminal’s tale.

There are several scenes that show gory violence and keep the viewers engrossed in consistent action. One of the sequences follows a car chase that features cattle scampering away from the shot as the tires skid at high speed on the farm. These scenes were also shot within the Turntime Farms, known for its pasture farms and organic products in Columbus, Georgia.

As such, the movie’s exciting premise is made more compelling with the encompassing territory of lush flanking green in the dark. The location plays a key role in accentuating the cinematography and highlighting the struggle of the protagonists against the antagonists. Without the eerie note added in the quietude of the night, the storyline’s thrill would have definitely not packed quite the punch. Therefore, with its numerous features, the Columbus area helped producers create better results on the screen and highlight the story and dialogue even more.

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