Where Was Tetris Filmed?

Based on the unbelievable true story surrounding the popular game Tetris, Apple TV+’s ‘Tetris’ is a biographical historical drama movie directed by Jon S. Baird that follows an opportunistic businessman named Henk Rogers who comes across an intriguing and addictive game Tetris in the late 1980s. Seeing a business opportunity to take the game to the masses all over the globe, he risks everything that he has by traveling all the way to the Soviet Union and joining forces with the man who invented the game, Alexey Pajitnov.

Henk and Alexey work together and indulge in an intense and nail-biting legal battle to secure the intellectual rights to the game in question. With Taron Egerton essaying the role of Henk Rogers and Nikita Yefremov that of Alexey Pajitnov, the drama movie takes us back in time as it unfolds in the 1980s, mainly in Moscow, against the backdrop of the cold war-stricken Russia and the political tension at the time. So, do you wish to find out where ‘Tetris’ was filmed? In that case, we have got you covered!

Tetris Filming Locations

‘Tetris’ was filmed entirely in Scotland, particularly in and around Glasgow and Aberdeen. According to reports, the principal photography for the biographical movie commenced in early December 2020 and wrapped up in early March 2021. However, in June 2022, the production team got back to work for some reshoots. So, let us walk you through all the specific sites that feature in the Apple TV+ movie!

Glasgow, Scotland

To shoot most of the scenes set in 1980s Moscow, the filming unit of ‘Tetris’ set up camp in and around Glasgow. For instance, an empty office building on Morrison Street in Tradeston was utilized to stand in for a 1980s Moscow hotel for the movie. Many exterior portions were lensed across the city on different roads and streets, including Charlotte Street, North Frederick Street, Bothwell Street, Ayr Street, and Old Dumbarton Road.

Furthermore, the production team utilized a few other locales in Glasgow as suitable backdrops for ‘Tetris.’ They are Adamswell Street, West Regent Street, and Govan Road. For shooting purposes, they even moved a bit south of the city to Glasgow Prestwick Airport, at 107 Glasgow Prestwick International Airport in Prestwick, which was transformed into the 80s Soviet era.

In a late March 2023 interview with Filmhounds, Taron Egerton was asked about his experience shooting the movie in Scotland and seeing it double for the Soviet Union. He responded, “They are different places, but there’s something- I mean, I really love Glasgow. I had a great time there although the world was shut down, but even just walking around the city at the time, in the dead of winter, it’s got such an atmosphere. But there are bits of Glasgow that are quite austere and quite grey and a little bit brutalist which kind of doubles very well for Moscow. But I had a great time shooting there. I have a real love for Scotland.”

Aberdeen, Scotland

Additional portions for ‘Tetris’ were taped in the city of Aberdeen, which is situated in North East Scotland. The filming unit transformed the Zoology building at the University of Aberdeen to make it stand in for the headquarters of the Soviet firm Elorg. Seamount Court on Seamount Road in Aberdeen also served as one of the key production locations for the period drama movie.

Moreover, during the filming schedule, the cast and crew members were spotted recording several prominent sequences in different parts of the city, including Tillydrone Avenue and Gerrard Street. Over the years, Aberdeen has hosted the production of numerous movies and TV shows. Some notable ones are ‘Pressure,’ ‘The Clan,’ and ‘Roughnecks.’

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