Where Was The Nightingale Filmed?

‘The Nightingale’ is a 2018 revenge drama set amidst the war between the British colonizing army and the Australian Aboriginals. The period film follows a young Irish woman who sets off across the vast and dangerous wilderness to follow the soldiers that killed her family. In the process, she teams up with a reluctant tracker named Billy, who is haunted by his own traumatic past.

Much of the film follows their arduous journey across a brutal landscape that is almost as murderous as the violent men that inhabit it. Combined with the rough, rural vintage backdrop, the film paints a dark image that complements its weighty subject matter. Curious about where ‘The Nightingale’ was filmed? We’ve got the story!

The Nightingale Filming Locations

‘The Nightingale’ was filmed entirely in Australia, where much of the production was undertaken outdoors on location. Since the central characters traverse a heavily wooded area over the course of the film, the director also filmed in the wilderness to ensure authenticity. Principal photography reportedly began in late March 2017 and wrapped up around June 2, 2017. Now let’s take a look at the specific locations used to bring the movie to life.

Tasmania, Australia

The film is based in Tasmania and was filmed almost entirely on location in the Australian island state. The town of Oatlands, located north of the state capital Hobart, was used by the film’s crew for shooting multiple scenes. These included lensing the exterior of the house on 92 High Street of the historic town. The area around the rural locality called Gretna was also seemingly used to film many of the jungle and open countryside scenes.

Image Credit: Transmission Films

The Mount Field National Park, located northwest of Hobart at 66 Lake Dobson Road, was also used for filming many outdoor scenes. The national park contains a variety of landscapes and vegetation from temperate rainforest all the way to alpine. Most notably, the area around Mount Field West, located in the western part of the park, was used extensively by the production crew.

Image Credit: Transmission Films

The surrounding Derwent Valley area, situated in southern Tasmania, is known for its picturesque rural countryside and rolling hills. Filming was seemingly undertaken in multiple locations across this region. A few nearby historical buildings were also likely used as backdrops. The Derwent Valley region, originally inhabited by the Aborigines, was also the site of early colonial settlements and therefore has a special significance to the film, which is set amidst the war between the colonizers and the Aboriginal tribes.

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