The Slumber Party: All Shooting Location Explored

Based on Jen Malone’s ‘The Sleepover,’ Disney+’s ‘The Slumber Party’ is a coming-of-age comedy movie that revolves around the hilarious aftermath of a sleepover birthday party hypnotism that goes wrong. Best friends Megan and Paige, as well as soon-to-be step-sister Veronica, can’t recall anything from the night before. With the birthday girl Anna Maria missing in the morning, the three girls must find out what exactly happened after they got hypnotized the previous night. But that is not the only thing Megan, Paige, and Veronica must figure out.

The trio must also get to the bottom of why there are ducks in a bathtub, why one of Megan’s eyebrows is shaved off, and why she is donning the hoodie of one of the most popular boys in school, Jake. Starring Darby Camp, Emmy Liu-Wang, Valentina Herrera, Dallas Liu, Alex Cooper Cohen, and Ramon Rodriguez, the movie portrays the importance of female friendship through a dramatic and cinematic lens against the backdrop of some interesting locations. So, if you are interested in knowing where ‘The Slumber Party’ was filmed, we have got you covered!

The Slumber Party Filming Locations

‘The Slumber Party’ was filmed entirely in Georgia, specifically in Atlanta and Fairburn. As per reports, principal photography for the comedy movie commenced in late September 2022 and wrapped up in mid-November of the same year. Now, without any delay, let’s navigate through all the specific locations that can be spotted in the Disney+ movie!

Atlanta, Georgia

A significant chunk of ‘The Slumber Party’ was lensed in and around Atlanta, the capital and most populous city of Georgia. Whether the high school scenes or the marching band scenes, most were recorded on location in the city, possibly in an actual institutional facility. Moreover, several exterior parts of the coming-of-age movie were taped in different areas of the Hollywood of the South, with many sequences involving the residences filmed in the suburbs.

Since there are plenty of scenes shot outside, there is a high possibility that you might spot several popular monuments and buildings in the backdrop. Some notable ones include the Georgia State Capitol, Centennial Olympic Park, Bank of America Plaza, The World of Coca-Cola, the Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum, and the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Fairburn, Georgia

Additional portions for ‘The Slumber Party’ were shot in the city of Fairburn, located in Georgia’s Fulton County. Even though it has a rich history of its own as a city, Fairburn is now considered a closely linked suburb of Atlanta, lying only 17 miles north of the capital. Reportedly, the festival scenes in the comedy movie were taped in the city. Besides the Disney+ flick, Fairburn has lent its locales to several film projects as production spots, such as ‘Joyful Noise,’ ‘Don’t Blow My High,’ and ‘Love Is Where You Find It.’

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