Where Was Worth Filmed?

‘Worth’ is a biographical drama set in the aftermath of 9/11 and follows the attorney Kenneth Feinberg as he is tasked with handling compensation for the tragedy’s victims and their families. A harrowing and deeply complicated story unfolds where there is no right answer, and Feinburg must confront the distasteful task of assigning monetary value to people’s lives. Originally titled ‘What Is Life Worth,’ the movie is set in a labyrinth of courtrooms and government offices, but where was it actually shot? Let’s find out!

Worth Filming Locations

The film was shot primarily in New York but is set partly in Washington, D.C. as well. Since most of the film takes place indoors (save for a few establishing shots), the production team was likely able to use one city as a stand-in for the other. Filming for ‘Worth’ was reportedly underway in April 2019. Let’s take a look at the specific filming locations that were used.

New York City, New York

The film was almost entirely shot in New York City, New York. Multiple indoor locations were used, which seemingly doubled up for Feinburg’s offices, courtrooms, archives, and meeting rooms in the film. Since it is also partly set in Washington, D.C., the view from the windows in multiple scenes features the DC skyline, which was likely added in post-production.

Michael Keaton, who essays Feinburg, was also reportedly spotted outdoors in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, dressed for his character. A few scenes were also reportedly filmed around 24th Avenue and Crescent Street in the neighborhood.

Filming also reportedly took place near 43rd Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan, and scenes around a few 9/11 memorials were also shot, though it is possible the memorials were recreated for the purpose of filming.

Establishing shots of a train station were also likely filmed in New York, as were a few scenes of Feinburg’s character sitting inside a train.

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