Which Church Did Candy Montgomery Go to? Is Lucas Methodist a Real Church in Texas?

Image Credit: Jake Giles Netter/HBO Max

HBO Max’s ‘Love and Death’ follows the story of Candy Montgomery and Allan Gore as they indulge in an affair that ends in blood. The story takes place over the course of two years, giving the audience a detailed insight into what happened with the Montgomerys and the Gores. Over seven episodes, the story goes through many twists and turns, especially when it comes to proving whether Candy is guilty or innocent of the crime. All the mayhem that happens in the show begins at the church that Candy attends. If you want to know which church it was and whether it exists now, here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Candy Montgomery Attended the First United Methodist Church of Lucas

Candy Montgomery attended the First United Methodist Church of Lucas, the city located in south-central Collin County, north of Wylie. The Montgomerys had moved to Collin County in 1977, and Candy soon became heavily involved in church activities. Outside of her family, the church dominated most of Candy’s time, as she was involved in almost everything from singing in the choir to playing in the church’s volleyball team. This is also where she met Betty Gore and her husband, Alan.

Image Credit: Jake Giles Netter/HBO Max

Candy and Allan played for the church volleyball team, and it was during a game in October 1978 that Candy realized she was attracted to Allan. Soon after, she confessed how she felt and asked him if he would be interested in an affair. By December, they’d had their first official date. They would meet outside of town for their dates, but as regular churchgoers, they would meet during choir practice, volleyball practice, and other events.

The church remained a significant influence in both of their lives. Apart from being the place where it all started, it was also something that they relied on to show them the right direction. Allan Gore received the advice to attend the Marriage Encounter program from someone in the church. Later, Candy and Pat attended it as well, giving both couples the perspective they needed to work on their relationships.

The program, which used a person’s faith to make them see the things that mattered in their marriage and life, is believed to be one of the reasons why Allan decided to end the affair with Candy. When things had officially ended between them, it was the church and their community that Allan and Candy turned to and found support in. On the unfateful day of Betty Gore’s murder, Candy had been in church, preparing for an event, when she decided to go to Betty’s house for what was supposed to be a minor errand.

The Methodist Church of Lucas is Located on West Lucas Road

The Methodist Church of Lucas, which was renamed Good Shepherd United Methodist Church on June 24, 2007, is located on West Lucas Road in Lucas, Texas. The church started as a humble worship service in Winningkoff School on December 4, 1893. Slowly, as the towns and the population around the area increased, the congregation grew, and a second church building was constructed sometime in the 1920s.

The church building was permanently moved to Lucas in 1967 under the name of the First United Methodist Church of Lucas. On April 13, 1980, the first worship service took place in the new sanctuary (also referenced in the HBO Max series). Over the years, the church has developed into a grander community, with new constructions and ideas that have propelled it forward. On January 30, 2023, the construction of a new fellowship center called Rose Marie Childs Fellowship Centre was completed, and the city issued an occupant permit.

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