Who are Anna Delvey’s Parents? Where are They Now?

Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’ is an intriguing drama miniseries that follows a young woman as she forges a path into New York’s high society by claiming to be a wealthy German heiress. Vivian, a reporter trying to uncover Anna’s past, doggedly attempts to find out about the socialite’s source of wealth, only to get a bevy of bewildering responses. Apart from mentioning her father a few times, generally in connection with her financial state at the time, the titular character remains suspiciously mum about her family.

Even as the show ends, relatively little is revealed about Anna’s parents, though Vivian eventually tracks them down. Considering multiple characters of ‘Inventing Anna’ draw from real individuals, we decided to see what we could find about the real Anna Sorokin’s parents. Here’s what we uncovered.

Who are Anna Sorokin’s Parents?

Anna Sorokin was born in a Moscow suburb called Domodedovo in 1991. When she was 16, she moved to the German town of Eschweiler with her parents and younger brother. Her father, Vadim, seemingly began working as a truck driver for NKS transport company and was then promoted to an executive. After the company went insolvent in 2013, he then started a heating and cooling business.

In an interview, her father revealed that the family supported Anna after she graduated high school, paying for her accommodation and various needs, seemingly without much question. In an interview she gave from prison, Anna also stated that her parents always trusted her and had high expectations of her. Interestingly, both Vadim and his wife are not familiar with the last name (“Delvey”) that Anna adopted while claiming it was inspired by her mother’s maiden name. They also had, unsurprisingly, never heard of the $60 million trust fund that Anna claimed entitlement to during her New York high life days.

While Anna awaited sentencing in 2019, it was reported that her father claimed that the family had disowned Anna. He admitted to not having any knowledge of his daughter’s life in the US before she was brought to justice and said that it was up to her to handle the situation. He also stated that the family had never benefitted from Anna’s fraudulent activities and that she had actually borrowed money from them.

Where are Anna Sorokin’s Parents Now?

Anna Sorokin’s parents have remained largely out of the limelight even as their daughter has gone from being a New York City socialite to a convicted criminal. They seemingly moved to the German town of Düren, near Cologne, sometime after Anna moved to Paris. From their reaction to the whole affair, it seems like Vadim Sorokin and his wife prefer to remain detached from their daughter’s antics and subsequent notoriety.

The small town they call home feels like the polar opposite of the glittering urban stomping grounds of the “Soho Grifter.” It is worth noting that the show, too, only briefly depicts Anna’s parents, including a character named Vadim. Thus, as on-screen so in real life, Anna Sorokin’s parents remain essentially detached from their daughter’s case and seem to prefer keeping it that way.

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