Who Are the Narrator and Voice Over in CURS>R?

Netflix’s horror-thriller film ‘Choose or Die’ follows a young coder named Kayla, who discovers a video game called ‘CURS>R.’ She realizes that she can claim the prize money of $125,000 if she completes the game, only to go through a life-threatening experience. Kayla starts ‘CURS>R’ and gets welcomed by an eerie voice that introduces the levels to her.

As the game progresses, the narrator’s voice becomes an imposing and frightening presence in Kayla’s life, especially when her mind gets rattled to see her mother and friend suffer in front of her. Naturally, the viewers must be intrigued about the narrator of ‘CURS>R.’ Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who are the Narrator and Voice Over?

The voice-over in ‘CURS>R’ is most likely Beck, the developer of the game. Beck seemingly modulated his voice to sound a little distorted to make it untraceable to him. Since developing the game was a dangerous one-man mission for Beck, it is unlikely that he had the assistance of another narrator to work on ‘CURS>R.’ He had to manipulate an acquaintance to conduct the test run of the game, so another individual working on the project seems improbable. Thus, he likely had to rely on his voice to complete the game. Since Isaac doesn’t trace back the voice to him, Beck’s efforts do produce the desired result.

Joe Bolland, whose other credits include ‘The Trial of Christine Keeler’ and ‘Martyrs Lane,’ portrays Beck and likely lends his voice to the narrator. The modulated voice in the game is nothing but highly terrifying yet effective. The particular voice enhances the elements of mystery and horror present in the game, which conquers the mind of Kayla. The reverberating voice also makes it more challenging for Kayle to stay away from the game as it severely disturbs her till she plays again.

Meanwhile, Beck uses Robert Englund’s voice as the narrator, prerecorded in a tape recorder, as the answering voice of the calls received by the phone number given on the cassette cover of the game. Beck knows that anyone who wishes to play the game would want to confirm the prize money by calling. Englund’s voice adds a certain authenticity to the actual existence and believability of the game.

The voice of Englund, known for his performance as Freddy Krueger in ‘Nightmare on Elm Street,’ even excites Isaac to support Kayla to play the game. Bolland’s voice and other intriguing sounds present in ‘CURS>R’ are integral parts of the game, especially considering its effect on players, who get forced to return to the game to escape from the voice and sounds.

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