Who is Alive and Who is Dead at the End of FBI: International Season 2? Theories

Created by Dick Wolf and Derek Haas, ‘FBI: International’ is the third entry in the sprawling ‘FBI’ franchise. The plot revolves around the members of the FBI’s international “Fly Team,” an elite squad of Special Agents stationed in Budapest. Their job entails safeguarding American interests in Europe and investigating crimes in which Americans are involved. ‘FBI: International’ delivers an explosive finale to its second season. Tasked to locate a missing Russian nuclear missile before it is sold in the black market, they find broker Olivia Thornton and convince her to cooperate by promising her access to her son. Even after the missile is recovered, Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank) remains wary of the danger posed by the people Olivia betrayed.

As the team prepares to move Olivia to a secure location, Andre Raines (Carter Redwood) goes outside with Tank the Dog to keep an eye on the crowd. He senses something is wrong when he notices a delivery is being made to the floor below the Fly Team’s office. He tries to warn his colleagues, but the explosion goes off only after a few seconds. We know that Tank is safe. Raines tells him to stay before he goes to investigate. Being the good boy he is, Tank doesn’t move an inch. If you are wondering who is dead and who is alive in the second season of ‘FBI: International.’ We got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Forrester Dead or Alive?

Forrester is the head of the Fly Team. Because of the role he plays in the team, it is extremely unlikely that Forrester is dead and that Kleintank has left the series. In season 2, there have been a couple of instances where the actor had to speak to the media about his future in the show. For example, Forrester faced threats from Ken Dandridge, the Legal Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Budapest, who ordered an unauthorized tap on his phone.

After the problem is dealt with and Dandridge is sent away, Forrester takes charge of the group once more. This sub-plot was specially created to accommodate Kleintank’s absence from the show due to, among other things, paternity leave. Upon returning, Kleintank assured the fans that Forrester wasn’t going anywhere. This assurance likely can be used in the circumstances after the second season finale, especially as ‘FBI: International’ has already been renewed for season 3. So, it’s probably safe to presume that Forrester is still alive.

Is Andre Raines Alive or Dead?

Portrayed by Carter Redwood, Andre Raines is the only human member of the Fly Team who is outside of the headquarters when the explosion happened, though he is still caught in the blast radius. The last we see of Raines in season 2 is in the immediate aftermath of the explosion. Before we can ascertain whether Raines is alive or not, the series ends.

As previously mentioned, Raines ends the season separated from his colleagues, so it’s entirely possible that he will have a different trajectory ahead than the other characters. Perhaps there is a bunker or a safe room within the headquarters where Forrester and the others succeed in entering just before the bomb goes off. Either way, Raines is probably alive at the end of season 2, even if the explosion left him severely injured.

Is Jamie Kellett Alive or Dead?

For all intent and purpose, Jamie Kellett (Heida Reed) is second-in-command in ‘FBI: International.’ If she dies, it will significantly impact the overall narrative of the show, especially given that Forrester and Kellett were in a relationship together. Her death can send the Fly Team on the warpath against those responsible.

However, in an interview with TV Insider, Reed’s answer to a question seems to imply that she is also not going anywhere. As the 2023 ‘FBI’ crossover event unfolded, Reed stated she was looking forward to “meeting more of the cast members from the other shows and working together and comparing notes and learning from each other.”

Is Megan “Smitty” Garretson Alive or Dead?

Introduced at the start of season 2 as a replacement for Katrin Jaeger, Megan “Smitty” Garretson (Eva-Jane Willis) is a Europol agent who has known Forrester for a while. Given that the character Smitty replaced was part of the narrative for one season, the series writers may also intend to do something similar with her. The explosion allows them to write off the character, so they can introduce another Europol agent in season 3. Moreover, if Smitty is indeed dead, it can serve as a catalyst for the team’s desire to seek revenge against those responsible.

Is Cameron Vo Alive or Dead?

Portrayed by Vinessa Vidotto, Cameron Vo is an exceptional young agent. She is a West Point graduate and is being groomed by Forrester to lead a team of her own someday. Even though ‘FBI: International’ is a relatively new show, the characters are so well-developed that it is easy to fall in love with them. The death of any character and the subsequent departure of the actor/actress portraying them are bound to garner a big response from the viewers. But if Vo turns out to be one of the characters who die in the explosion, it will be especially tragic, as she now represents the future of the FBI within the team.

Is Damian Powell Alive or Dead?

Damian Powell (Greg Hovanessian) is the newest member of the team. An old acquaintance of Forrester, he has spent years working as an undercover agent in a global neo-Nazi movement. Kellett is skeptical when Forrester brings him into the Fly Team because he seems inherently angry at everything in the world. But Powell proves his worth by saving Kellett’s life.

Toward the end of the episode, his probation period ends, and he becomes an official team member. The explosion happens shortly after, putting the fate of the entire team into question. Powell is still a new character, and the viewers are less likely as invested in him as in other characters. If he dies, it might not affect the audience, but it will have a long-term impact on the narrative. Forrester will lose a friend; Vo, a romantic interest; and the Fly Team, a devoted agent.

With the writers’ strike happening in the real world, it might be a while before ‘FBI: International’ season 3 comes out. Until then, we can only speculate about the apparent deaths in the season 2 finale. The explosion puts the show in a unique position. If its creators wish, they can scrap the entire team and introduce a completely new group in the upcoming season.

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