Who is Ben Belack’s Girlfriend? Does He Have Kids?

Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills‘ sheds light on some of the most well-known names within the real estate industry of Los Angeles County, California. In other words, the reality series follows brokers affiliated with The Agency as they tackle issues concerning both their personal and professional lives. As expected, not everything is as simple as these cast members might hope for, but they still give it their all to make the best out of each situation and gain respect within their competitive field.

Season 1 of the series introduces viewers to many undeniably talented agents, including Benjamin “Ben” Belack, whose professional career has been nothing short of impressive. Fans thus cannot help but be curious to know more about his personal trajectory, especially in terms of his background, experiences, and romantic partner. Luckily, we are here to explore the same!

Ben Belack’s Background

Born on March 7, 1980, Benjamin “Ben” Belack grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After completing high school, he enrolled in San Diego State University in 1998, from where he graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. However, since he’d developed an interest in the hospitality industry at a young age, driving him to learn the ins and outs of the restaurant business as well, he decided to pursue this passion.

With his unwavering determination, Ben was soon working as a sommelier in renowned Michelin-star restaurants, from where he learned a lot about customer interaction and business skills. Yet he left it all behind upon joining Teles Properties as a Realtor in January 2012. This was largely possible due to his earning his Real Estate Agent license for the State of California in 2011.

A new dawn in Ben’s career arrived in February 2014, when he became a part of The Agency as the Director of Residential Estates. After all, he quickly managed to establish a name for himself across Los Angeles County by helping in the sale and purchase of multiple homes in areas like Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Santa Monica. Ben is the head of Ben Belack Group and a senior agent, which means several other realtors now work under him as a mentor. His organization itself is affiliated with The Agency and likes to work together as a team whenever possible.

Ben was recently also involved in transactions worth over $250 million. A significant reason behind the same is the market knowledge he has garnered through first-hand experience in the industry over the past ten years. The realtor has never been shy about sharing what he knows with others and likes to guide upcoming agents in any way possible. In fact, he takes complete advantage of social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube to provide content regarding his business and general tips about real estate.

Ben Belack’s Girlfriend

Ben Belack is in a relationship with Amanda York, who herself is a licensed, respected realtor in California. As a Partner within the Grauman Rosenfeld Group, Amanda has been a part of The Agency for over five years. She and Ben were thus co-workers at first but have been going strong romantically for a few years. This much is evident from the way the agent duo always takes out the time to shower each other with affection on social media and show off their love. Though the couple is seemingly not yet engaged or has any children, they are quite serious about their relationship. They even seem to have a shared fondness for food and traveling.

We should mention that thanks to her determination and hard work, Amanda has been ranked as the 6th top Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles and the 33rd in the USA. Having been born and raised in the City of Angels, Amanda has reaped many benefits from her knowledge about the region — it helps her provide customers with the property that might suit them the best. We honestly wish Ben and Amanda the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future ahead.

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