Who is Camila Elizonndro in Ozark? Who Plays Her?

‘Ozark’ season 4 hinges on two relatively new characters that each aim to become the boss of the all-powerful Navarro cartel. While Omar Navarro’s manic nephew Javi wreaks havoc in the first part of the two-part final season, Camila emerges as a ruthless adversary in part 2. Much of the season finale is also influenced by this relatively new character. Here’s what you need to know about Camila Elizonndro from ‘Ozark.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Camila Elizonndro?

Camila Elizonndro is Javi’s mother and Omar Navarro’s sister. We eventually find out that it is her who is the brains behind Javi’s rise to power. Even after her son’s death, Camila continues to pull strings, making it difficult for Navarro to get extradited back to Mexico and regain control of the cartel. Though she remains in the shadows and pretends to love her brother, Camila is merely waiting for the chance to overthrow him.

Camila hides her true ruthlessness so well that even Wendy Byrde thinks she can manipulate her. However, it soon becomes clear that Camila is a wily adversary and the Byrdes actually decide to switch loyalties. Thus, Omar Navarro is killed, and Camila becomes the head of the Navarro cartel. She also hunts down her son’s killer and exacts brutal revenge. Having underestimated Camila, Marty and Wendy find themselves under the thumb of the wily new mob boss. The power dynamic is clearly in her favor, and though the Byrdes have political influence, they are very vulnerable to the cartel’s violent ways.

Camila’s introduction suddenly puts a novel internal enemy into the mix, making the season finale all the more intriguing. Most notably, her character symbolizes a truly dark path that the Byrdes willingly choose to go down. So far, they have worked with the relatively level-headed Omar Navarro. However, Camila quickly proves herself to be ruthless and a little reckless. She also doesn’t trust the Byrdes and makes working under her seem like a truly ominous outcome for the central family.

Who Plays Camila Elizonndro?

The character of Camila Elizonndro is essayed by Mexican actress and choreographer Veronica Falcón. Having earned her fame while appearing on television in Mexico, Veronica relocated to the United States in 2016. She has appeared in a number of popular Hollywood titles like ‘Jungle Cruise‘ and HBO’s ‘Perry Mason.’ Interestingly, her first big role after moving to the United States was in ‘Queen of the South‘, in which she also played a character named Camila.


Veronica also has an illustrious career as a choreographer and has worked multiple times with the National Opera of Mexico. One of her most famous projects includes the choreography of Mozart’s ‘Don Giovanni,’ which is considered one of the most original pieces performed at the National Opera. In addition to her multiple roles, Veronica is also part of UCLA’s Writers certificate program, and her works have had some successful theatre runs. She holds a teacher’s degree in English, which she received at the age of fifteen, and is also fluent in French and German in addition to Spanish.

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