Where Was Ozark Season 4 Filmed?

Created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams, ‘Ozark’ follows Marty Byrde, financial advisor to the Mexican drug cartel, as he and his family maneuver through a jungle of underworld violence, revenge plots, and vicious characters. What makes the Netflix series especially intriguing is its small-town backdrop, which makes the atrocious crimes and lofty plans of the characters all the more remarkable.

Season 4 brings us back to the Byrde family’s lakeside paradise, which we have grown to love (and fear!) and also gives us glimpses of drug lord Omar Navarro’s opulent residence. Are you wondering where the fourth season of the gritty slow-burn crime drama was brought to life? Here’s the lowdown on ‘Ozark’ season 4 filming locations!

Ozark Season 4 Filming Locations

While ‘Ozark’ has a distinctly Missouri aesthetic, the show is, in fact, largely shot in Georgia. This was the case with season 4 as well, as filming was carried out in multiple indoor and outdoor locations in Georgia. Principal photography seemingly kicked off in early November 2020 amidst strict COVID-19 safety protocols and lasted almost a year, finally wrapping up in October 2021. Now let’s take a closer look at the specific filming locations used for bringing the fourth season of ‘Ozark’ to life!

Atlanta, Georgia

A major portion of the filming of ‘Ozark’ season 4 took place in Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia. Several scenes were shot at the Mausoleum and Abbey of Westview Cemetery, situated at 1680 Westview Drive South-West in the city. The Westview cemetery is the largest civilian cemetery in the Southeastern United States and stretches out to over 500 acres. The impressive structure of the Abbey was used to depict cartel leader Omar Navarro’s palatial Mexican residence, which is supposed to be in Michoacán.


Other Locations in Georgia

Multiple other locations around Georgia were also used in the season 4 production, including Lake Lanier, which is located in the northern part of Georgia, about 50 miles from Atlanta. Lensing was also carried out around Lake Allatoona, which is situated on the Etowah River in northwestern Georgia.

The production also spent substantial time shooting at Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta, which is situated at 6205 Best Friend Road in the city of Norcross in Gwinnett County. Interior scenes of the (in)famous casinos that Marty and Wendy open up were seemingly filmed at the studios, which incidentally features one of the largest stage complexes in the US.

The boats used to depict the exteriors of the casinos are also located in different parts of Georgia. The Georgia Queen, a river cruise boat that stands in for The Big Muddy casino, was moored in front of Joe’s Crab Shack at 504 East River Street, Savannah, during filming. The Missouri Belle casino, which gets significantly more screen time, was depicted using a boat in Stone Mountain Park.

The waterside building that forms part of the Missouri Belle casino is located at 1000 Robert E Lee Boulevard in Stone Mountain and houses the Atlanta Adventure Tours company. The production crew also spent time filming at various locations in the city of Johns Creek, situated around 25 miles northeast from Atlanta, and Peachtree Corners in Gwinnett County.

Chicago, Illinois

The Byrde family is from Chicago and move to the titular Ozarks in southern Missouri when the show opens. In season 4, the family heads back to the big city for a quick visit, and it seems like scenes featuring the Byrde family in Chicago were filmed on location on the streets of the Windy City.


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