Who is Javi in Ozark? Is Javi an FBI Informant?

Netflix’s ‘Ozark‘ is a fascinating tapestry of incredibly dangerous criminals. By the time we get to season 4, even appalling drug-running murderers like Darlene Snell begin to seem quaint and outclassed (crime-wise) when compared to some others. This brings us to Javi, who storms into Wendy and Marty Byrde’s already chaotic life in season 4 and adds a little gasoline to the fire. From killing federal agents to hitting on Charlotte Byrde in front of her parents, Javi seems to embody every villainous quality in one reckless package. As fans of ‘Ozark,’ we can’t wait to get to know him better! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Javi in Ozark?

Essayed by Alfonso Herrera, the character of Javi Elizonndro explodes into ‘Ozark’ season 4 and makes the Byrdes’ lives very uncomfortable indeed. Impulsively violent, he is the cartel boss’ nephew and, due to his Chicago college education, prides himself for knowing “the American ways.” His first ever (and recurring) topic of conversation with Marty is about murdering Darlene Snell as soon as possible, and things get worse from there.

Javi claims to have business in Chicago and decides to spend a few days in the Ozarks going over Marty’s operations. In possibly the best example of Javi’s recklessness (of which there are many), he shows up one night at the Byrde family residence with the recently murdered Sheriff Nix’s body in the trunk of his car, claiming to have “solved” Marty’s problem. The murder of sheriff Nix by Javi is so outrageous that even Navarro is furious and punches his nephew for his troubles. However, it is soon revealed that the cartel boss fears Javi and is very aware of his maniacal nephew waiting to seize power and overthrow his uncle.

Javi’s antics become even more outrageous near the end of season 4 part 1. Frustrated by his shipments getting seized by the FBI, Javi plants a bomb in one of his trucks and kills multiple federal agents. He also shakes the foundations of the ‘Ozark’ plotline by killing off Darlene and Wyatt — two of the show’s longest-running supporting characters. Javi is last seen firmly in Ruth’s crosshairs, with the latter vowing to avenge her beloved cousin’s murder. For all we know, the new Navarro Cartel boss might have finally met his match in the misleadingly diminutive Langmore.

Is Javi an FBI Informant?

Before his meeting with the FBI, the cartel head — Omar Navarro — makes his nephew, Javi, the new cartel leader. What the latter doesn’t realize is that Navarro plans to reveal everything to the FBI, letting Javi take the fall while he (Navarro) gets immunity from prosecution. However, the FBI agents have other plans and change the deal to have Navarro resume his duties as head of the cartel while also working as a secret informant for the FBI.

When Agent Maya Miller, unsatisfied by the self-serving deal hatched by her superiors, publicly arrests Navarro, the entire agreement comes crashing down. Worst of all, Javi now thinks that it is the Byrdes’ fault that his uncle is arrested and almost kills Marty for it. It becomes imperative to control Javi, and the quickest option is to offer him a deal similar to the one offered to his uncle.

Thus Javi is brought in and offered a free hand by the FBI in exchange for being an informant, to which he excitedly agrees. What the violent new cartel boss doesn’t realize is that the FBI also has a recording of him admitting to placing the bomb that killed federal agents. Thus, it seems like it is only a matter of time before the FBI arrests him.

And so, Javi thinks he’s an FBI informant and also believes he has the protection that comes with it (which is why he confidently slays Darlene Snell in her own house — an unthinkable feat for any sane person, mafioso or not). However, the FBI agents have their own agenda, and it is only a matter of time before they take him down (if Ruth doesn’t do it first). Of course, the federal agents will also try and get as much valuable intel as they can from Navarro’s maniacal nephew. However, Javi’s reckless attitude makes it very unlikely that he will function as a regular FBI informant.

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