Who Is Carl Rogers in Bosch: Legacy? What Did He Do to Maddie and Chandler?

Portrayed by Max E. Williams in ‘Bosch’ and Michael Rose in ‘Bosch: Legacy,’ Carl Rogers is a hedge fund heavyweight. He is first mentioned in the ‘Bosch’ universe in season 7 episode 4 of the original series. Maddie (Madison Lintz) reveals to Detective Jimmy Robertson that Vincent Franzen, a client of Chandler (Mimi Rogers), volunteered to spill the beans on a multi-million-dollar inside trading scam in exchange for a deal with the SEC on his fraud charges during a practice testimony. Rogers subsequently enlists a hitman to take out anyone that may have heard about his involvement. In ‘Bosch: Legacy,’ Rogers emerges as one of the primary antagonists. Here is everything you need to know about him. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Is Carl Rogers?

Carl Rogers is a ruthless hedge fund millionaire allegedly involved in a multi-million-dollar inside trading scam. To escape the charges for the gold bullion scam, Franzen told Chandler about Rogers. Maddie was in the room when the conversation took place. She was actually the one handling the camera. People later start dying around her, prompting Harry Bosch to take every precaution possible to ensure his daughter’s safety.

In the spin-off, it is revealed that Rogers has taken a $10 million loan from the Russian mafia, and it has since climbed up to $40 million. While Rogers was in prison, he turned Willy Datz, a key witness against him, with the help of the Russians. As a result, the jury ends up in a deadlock, and Rogers gets out of the prison. Shortly after, Rogers pays a visit to the Ivanovich brothers and is told about the increased amount of money he now has to pay. He becomes deeply afraid and decides to increase the amount of gas that he and his associates steal.

What Did Carl Rogers Do to Maddie and Chandler?

Maddie is present in the room when Franzen tells Chandler about the incident. When Maddie relates what happened to Robertson, the latter and those watching the interview in a separate room — including Bosch — realize that her life is in danger. Rogers enlists a hitman who first kills Franzen before attempting to kill Chandler. She is shot twice in the chest, but she survives. After Maddie inadvertently reveals that she was there in the room when Franzen’s mock testimony was recorded, her father realizes that Maddie will be the next target if anyone finds out. Unfortunately, Edgar ends up revealing that they have a witness while visiting Rogers.

Rogers’ lawyer, J. Reason Fowkkes, later sees Maddie appearing in Franzen’s video and recalls the hitman, who takes out Fowkkes himself to close up all the loops. He kidnaps and kills Judge Donna Sobel before being gunned down in a shootout with Bosch, Robertson, and Jerry. Rogers is subsequently arrested, but as we find out in the spin-off, he is released after Datz turns rogue and the jury is unable to make a decision.

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