Who Is Chloe on Dexter: New Blood? Is She Dead and Alive?

Like the original ‘Dexter’ series, the revival, ‘Dexter: New Blood,’ is filled with a diverse set of characters. A few among them are predators, while the rest are potential prey. Dexter is unique among predators because he kills other predators. He has spent about a decade in obscurity and now resides in the snowy town of Iron Lake, New York. Chloe (Skyler Wright) is a runaway girl who walks into Iron Lake before the events depicted in episode 4. If you are wondering who she is and whether she is alive or dead in ‘Dexter: New Blood,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Is Chloe on Dexter: New Blood?

Chloe is a runaway girl who first appears in episode 4. It quickly becomes apparent to the viewers that she is a runaway girl, just like Lily. Towards the end of the episode, she is shown to be camping outside Kurt Caldwell’s (Clancy Brown) diner. Some patrons mention this to the staff, which brings Kurt out to speak to her. It appears that they have conversed before, and Kurt even gave her $80 to grab the next bus and go back to her mother. But Chloe was hungry and cold and spent the money on food and a jacket. She asks for another $80, promising that she will leave this time.

However, Kurt offers her a job instead. When she seems disinterested, he takes her to his remote cabin and tells her that she can stay in the basement there for as long as she likes, adding that the food is included. Genuinely touched, Chloe wonders aloud whether he can actually be this nice in episode 5. In response, Kurt says that he has been lucky in life, but he remembers when he didn’t have much. When Chloe asks what he wants from her, the latter replies that all he asks is for her to pay it forward.

While Chloe might feel safe in that basement, the audience knows that she is in mortal danger. This is the same cabin where Lily was kept. Kurt is the other serial killer in Iron Lake beside Dexter and behind the disappearance of several young women over the years, including Iris, the best friend of Iron Lake police Sheriff Angela Bishop.

Is Chloe Dead or Alive in Dexter: New Blood?

Chloe is dead in ‘Dexter: New Blood.’ Not long after she has settled in, she finds the basement door to be locked. She then spots the camera over which “you are already dead” is written. And like Lily before her, she is terrified. Chloe seems to have been on the road a bit longer than Lily. Her response to her predicament is almost pragmatic. Believing Kurt to be a sexual predator, she starts taking off her clothes in front of the camera, hoping that he will step into the room and she will use the piece of glass she has found to attack him.

However, Kurt appears to be repulsed. He implores her to stop and then rushes into the basement to drag her out. Chloe manages to cut him on the cheek before he succeeds. He then points his rifle at her and tells her to run. When she rushes at him, Kurt shoots her in the eye, killing her. This is not his modus operandi. This is not how he kills his victims. Afterward, he accuses Chloe’s body of ruining everything and acts like a petulant child having a temper tantrum.

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