Dexter: New Blood Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Runaway,’ the fifth episode of ‘Dexter: New Blood,’ past starts to catch up with the eponymous character (Michael C. Hall). The narrative of episode 5 predominately focuses on Harrison (Jack Alcott) and Chloe, the two runaways. The former overdoses on fentanyl but survives, while the latter forces Kurt (Clancy Brown) to step away from his modus operandi. Dexter embarks on a path of vengeance, which almost leads to his arrest. Meanwhile, Angela (Julia Jones) attends a conference in New York and meets a fan-favorite character from the original series. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Dexter: New Blood’ episode 5. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 begins as Dexter contemplates how to help his son with the razor he found in his hand. His conscience, “Debra” (Jennifer Carpenter), implores him to help Harrison the correct way. She considers what Harry did to Dexter was child abuse. When Harrison returns, still euphoric about being hailed as the town’s hero, Dexter tries to speak to his son and make him see that he can be honest with his father. But the confrontation has the opposite effect than what Dexter hoped, ending up making Harrison even more defensive and angry.

Harrison later attends a party with the supposed survivors from Ethan’s list as its guest of honor. With his father’s words still reverberating in his mind, he stuffs himself up with beer, ecstasy, and opioids, and overdoses. Fortunately, Audrey (Johnny Sequoyah) has been sober throughout the party, and she calls the first responders. Logan subsequently arrives and saves Harrison’s life.

The incident brings the Dark Passenger out of Dexter. But this time, it’s not necessarily to satiate his murderous desire but to punish those who hurt his son. He tracks down the man responsible for the drugs and nearly kills him the way he does his regular victims. But then Logan arrives, and Dexter is forced to improvise. When the police barge in, they find that the man has overdosed.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 5 Ending: Does Angela Know Dexter Is a Killer?

While visiting New York to confirm that it’s indeed Matt Caldwell staying at a high-end hotel, Angela attends a missing person conference with Molly, where the keynote speaker is none other than Angel Batista (David Zayas), a close friend and former colleague of Dexter. He is now the homicide department captain at Miami Metro. During his speech, he mentions Bay Harbor Butcher, the nickname that the authorities gave to the serial killer they believed murdering other killers. While Dexter is the true butcher, the law enforcement erroneously concluded that the late James Doakes, another former colleague of Dexter, was the killer of killers.

After the conference, Angela meets Batista and tells him about the missing young women in Iron Lake. Batista advises her to trust her instincts. Before they part, the Trinity Killer comes up during the conversation, and Batista mentions Debra, her brother, and Harrison. When Angela returns home, she learns from Audrey that Harrison, while he was under the influence of the drugs, said that Jim Lindsay isn’t his father’s real name. Trusting her instincts, Angela looks up the Trinity case on the internet and finds out that the man she knows as Jim Lindsey is actually Dexter Morgan, who supposedly died a decade ago.

So, while Angela doesn’t yet know that Dexter is a serial killer, she has found out his real identity. Dexter’s carefully constructed false narrative about himself comes crashing down by his son’s drug-induced rambling and a chance encounter between his past and present. It might not be long before his other secrets start to get exposed one by one.

Why Did Kurt Lie About Matt?

Watching the security camera footage from the hotel, Angela and Molly realize that person staying at the hotel until a day ago and using Matt’s credit card is definitely not Matt. This proves beyond doubt that Kurt is lying. However, the question that remains is why. Episode 5 sheds light on Kurt’s modus operandi as a killer. Every time he captures a new potential prey, he goes to the local bar and dances to Del Shannon’s “Runaway.”

However, later, he becomes agitated as Chloe starts acting in ways that he doesn’t want her to. Kurt seems to have organized the basement in a way that would instill fear in his eventual victims. But Chloe, misinterpreting his intentions, takes off her clothes in front of the camera, hoping to attack him with a piece of glass she has hidden. Instead, Kurt’s reaction is almost like a petulant child who hasn’t gotten what he wants on Christmas. When Chloe refuses to come out of the basement, he goes inside himself and disarms her, but not before she has managed to cut him on the cheek. Chloe also refuses to run away and tries to attack him, prompting Kurt to shoot her in the front.

Meanwhile, after returning from the hospital, Harrison tries to leave town. Kurt eventually finds him and offers him a job. It seems Kurt is grooming Harrison in the same way he does his victims. But Harrison isn’t a young woman, so he doesn’t match his pattern. This probably means that Kurt has somehow figured out that Dexter is involved in his son’s disappearance and death and now coming after Dexter’s son as revenge. It’s entirely possible that he knows who Dexter truly is, and this is part of his elaborate plan of revenge.

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