Who is Chrissie Fire Mane on Lost Resort?

Lost Resort‘ is a reality series where people on the brink of their breaking points, go to a wellness resort. The three-week retreat in Costa Rica is led by alternate healers who take these individuals on a journey of self-discovery. Chrissie Fire Mane is the retreat leader who has been helping clients for over 20 years. She has been described as a fireball of energy, who leads with fierce love and protection but also pushes people to achieve their goals. Sure, a bit of tough but tender love goes a long way in self-healing processes. However, who is Chrissie Fire Mane? Here’s everything you need to know about her.

What Does Chrissie Fire Mane Do?

Chrissie Fire Mane Charley is an intercultural sound, love, and freedom pioneer. She reminds humans of how free they are. Chrissie travels the world conducting ceremonies and shamanic workshops. She intends to crack through the limitations between us and our real power. You can see Chrissie at work, below.


Chrissie helps people live life to the fullest and is drawn to the Sacred Valley of Peru. She believes it is her most powerful and spiritual home. The healer mixes shamanic psychotherapy, Andean cosmological tradition, and pure passion. Apart from healing, Chrissie is the co-owner of the Mana blend. The brand connects the earth’s healing plant foods with people who wish to thrive.

Fire Mane also heals people through her voice and music. She has an album titled ‘Mama’s Home.’ Ultimately, she has a knack for dissolving obstacles that limit others, to help them reach their goals.

Where is Chrissie Fire Mane From?

Chrissie is originally from Sydney, but as per an interview, she seems to operate out of Byron Bay, Australia. However, someone like Chrissie cannot be tied down to a place. She travels the world for her workshops, touching lives, and healing people wherever she goes. Nonetheless, here is a picture of Chrissie at her house, preparing for the next chapter in her life.


Who is in Chrissie Fire Mane’s Family?

One would expect someone like Chrissie to live quite an isolated life, connected to healing. However, she is also a caring mother. Chrissie has two children Zion and Ini. Their father is Frederic Garcia. However, Chrissie and Garcia are no longer together due to irreconcilable differences. The healer said that although the two could not have a home together, she is forever grateful to him for the children, whom they both love. You can see their picture below.


Chrissie is also very close to her father, who recently had pneumonia or COVID experience, as per her post. However, the picture below shows that her dad is fine and soaking up the sun.


Most recently, Chrissie’s family has had a new addition. They have gotten their first pet, and Chrissie has named the dog Jupiter. You can see how happy the kids look with their new pet.


Thus, Chrissie is passionate about her work and family. It will definitely be interesting to see the alternate healing strategies she suggests, from her infinite wisdom and vast experience. [Cover Picture Courtesy: Chrissie Fire Mane/Instagram] 

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