Who is Frans in The Conference?

In Netflix’s Swedish slasher film ‘The Conference,’ nine municipal employees try to figure out the identity of a serial killer, who sets out to kill them one by one without revealing his identity. Some of the employees theorize that the killer is Frans. They believe that Frans is the only person who has any motive to hurt or kill them, which makes them mention the name several times throughout the movie. Although the person never appears in the film, the frequent mentions must have made the viewers intrigued about him. Well, here’s everything you need to know about Frans! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Mysterious Frans

Frans is a former colleague of the nine municipal employees who arrived in the town of Kolarängen to build a shopping complex. Frans was a part of the initial discussions concerning the approval of the project. Since the complex was in discussion to be built on a privately owned farm, he didn’t want to greenlight the project. He was seemingly of the opinion that the construction of the same is morally and ethically wrong since the same would destroy the livelihood of the farm owner. Ingela and Jonas, the most significant advocates of the business venture, however, didn’t consider Frans’ opposition.

When Ingela moved forward with sanctioning the project, Frans couldn’t tolerate the same. He retaliated against her physically by attacking her, which might have cost him his job. Although Ingela had to suffer the attack, Frans’ action paved the way for his termination from the team and the opposition she had to deal with. After Frans was out of the group, Ingela and Jonas masterminded the project and led their team to Kolarängen to kickstart the construction processes. Frans’ violent behavior towards Ingela makes Anette and Jonas theorize that the former is the killer.

Anette and Jonas may have thought that Frans is harboring ill feelings towards them after losing his job. They seemingly believe that his violent behavior aggravated and became homicidal for him to show up in Kolarängen to kill them. Since he knows about the conference and the commencement of the construction work he opposed through Anette, the two of them get convinced that he is the murderer. That’s the reason why Anette approaches the killer when Jonas runs away. She thinks that the person after them is her friend, only to eventually realize that the killer in the mascot costume is not Frans.

Although Frans is not the killer, both of them have one thing in common: their oppositional stand against the construction of the shopping complex. While the former municipal employee loses his job due to the same, the killer loses his life at the end of his murder spree.

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