Who Is Hannah in Night Sky? Why Does Cornelius Call Her an Apostate?

Portrayed by Sonya Walger, Hannah is one of the most important supporting characters in Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Night Sky,’ Even though she is introduced in episode 7, titled ‘Lake Diving,’ she becomes a crucial part of the plot by the time the first season concludes. After escaping from the most secretive and dangerous cult in the world, Jude comes to Farnsworth, Illinois, in search of his father, Gabriel. He later discovers that a truck driver dropped Gabriel off at a location in Enfield, Michigan. Jude travels there with Irene and Denise and discovers that it’s a bed and breakfast establishment. Its owner is Hannah. Here is everything you need to know about her. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Is Hannah?

Hannah introduces herself as the owner of the bed and breakfast establishment. She informs Jude and the others that Gabriel came there 15 years earlier. He worked as a handyman, and they had a relationship, but ultimately, he moved on. She seems to be still bitter about it. However, it soon becomes apparent that she is not exactly what she claims to be. Hidden somewhere in the hotel, a man named Paul is keeping surveillance on all the guests.

Hannah later has a long conversation with Jude about Gabriel and lets him stay in the same room his father once occupied. There, Jude finds the codes to his father’s possible location in a copy of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.’ The following morning, when Jude and the others depart, Paul follows them.

The season finale reveals that Hannah used to be part of the cult just like Jude and Gabriel. And now, she heads an organization that fights the cult. They don’t interfere when Cornelius threatens the Yorks and Jude. However, after he is subdued and placed in the van that Stella and Toni took from Nick, Hannah and her people intercept them on the road. Stella tells Hannah that she is no longer a guardian of the cult before she and Toni are taken away. When Hannah speaks to Cornelius, it becomes apparent that they know each other. Cornelius is fanatically devoted to the cult. Even after being captured by the enemy, he is outwardly defiant. However, his eyes give away that he is terrified.

Why Does Cornelius Call Hannah an Apostate?

From the interaction between Hannah and Cornelius and the fact that Gabriel sought her out, we can glean that Hannah left the cult before Gabriel. In the following years, she presumably set up a resistance against the most powerful shadowy organization in the world. She likely knew that Gabriel had left the codes to his location in his room and ensured that Jude would find it. She and Gabriel did probably have a relationship, and she just might be bitter that it ended. But she likely omitted its context. It’s possible that Gabriel was part of her organization before his departure and played a pivotal role in the fight against the cult. However, he has since moved on. For Hannah, the fight continues.

As mentioned above, Cornelius is fanatically devoted to the cult. The phrase “apostate” refers to a person who has renounced their religion. In Hannah’s case, she has left the cult. This is why Hannah — along with Jude, Gabriel, and now Stella — is an apostate to Cornelius and all other active cult members.

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