Who Is Harmon in The Righteous Gemstones? Who Plays Him?

Image Credit: Ryan Green/ HBO

Created by Danny McBride, ‘The Righteous Gemstones is a black-comedy series that revolves around the eponymous family, which runs a network of megachurches. The show offers a satirical commentary on organized religions and their inherent hypocrisy through its set of complex and colorful characters. The Gemstones are Evangelical pastors but have no qualms about breaking the doctrines they preach to their massive congregation. Harmon Freeman is related to the Gemstones through his father, “Baby” Billy (Walton Goggins), who is the maternal uncle to Jesse, Judy, and Kelvin. Here is everything you need to know about Harmon. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Is Harmon?

Harmon is “Baby” Billy’s son from his previous marriage to a woman named Gloria. By the time the series begins, “Baby” Billy is already married to Tiffany, who is considerably younger than him. Harmon and Gloria make their first appearance in the fifth episode of the first season, titled ‘Interlude.’ The narrative shifts back to 1989. At the time, Eli and Aimee-Leigh Gemstone were predominantly televangelists. They were not yet what they would become in a couple of decades, but they were well on their way. While they were growing up, “Baby” Billy and Aimee-Leigh were part of a song-and-dance double-act. “Baby” Billy blames Eli for their eventual disbandment. He and Aimee-Leigh are set to go on a reunion tour, but the latter becomes pregnant with her and Eli’s third child and pulls out, further infuriating “Baby” Billy.

Image Credit: Ryan Green/ HBO

Unlike his cousins, Harmon is quiet and well-mannered. In season 2 episode 4, titled ‘As To How They Might Destroy Him,’ Harmon visits a mall in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his parents a few days before Christmas. “Baby” Billy claims that he will buy Harmon anything he wants. Harmon chooses a cat. “Baby” Billy sends Gloria away on an errand and then flees, abandoning his family. In the following episode, he shows up at the Gemstone household, claiming that Gloria ended things with him. However, Aimee-Leigh finds out the truth and tries to convince her brother to return to his family, but he refuses.

In episode 8, titled ‘The Prayers of a Righteous Man,’ “Baby” Billy hallucinates his dead sister telling him to visit Harmon in the present time, and he reluctantly does. After learning that Tiffany is pregnant, he ran away earlier. He realizes that he needs closure with Harmon before he can be a father to the child arriving soon. Harmon has grown and seems to be doing really well. He is rich, married, and has children. But his father abandoning him has left a deep scar on him. Even in this emotional moment, “Baby” Billy can’t help but lie to excuse his behavior. Ultimately, Harmon forgives his father after punching him once.

Who Portrays Harmon?

As a child, Harmon is portrayed by Jeremy T. Thomas, known for playing Lucas Weaver in the 2021 horror mystery drama film ‘Antlers’ and Young Boyd in the Spectrum Originals short-lived southern gothic series’ Paradise Lost.’ The adult version of Harmon is played by Macaulay Culkin. When Culkin was younger, he garnered widespread fame for starring in movies such as the ‘Home Alone’ series, ‘My Girl,’ ‘Uncle Buck,’ and ‘The Nutcracker’ (1993). Since then, he has come to be regarded as one of the most prominent child actors of all time. He has appeared in projects like ‘Changeland’ and ‘American Horror Story: Double Feature’ as an adult.

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