Who Is Henry Creel in Stranger Things? Is He Dead?

In its fourth season, ‘Stranger Things’ pits its heroes against a new monster from the Upside Down. Dustin names him, Vecna after the evil wizard from the ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ fantasy role-playing game. As the group of heroes begins to investigate the gruesome deaths that Vecna caused, they discover members of a family died in the same horrendous manner in 1959. The authorities blamed the patriarch, Victor Creel, who had survived the ordeal, and declared him clinically insane, locking him up at Pennhurst asylum for the rest of his life. Nancy and Robin go to speak to Victor, who blames what happened to his family on a demon. He recounts in harrowing detail how he lost his wife Virginia, daughter Alice, and son Henry.

However, while Victor witnessed the deaths of his wife and daughter, he likely just heard about his son’s death. Henry had slipped into a coma and was apparently declared dead a week later. If you are wondering whether Henry really died or not in ‘Stranger Things’ season 4, this is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Is Henry Creel in Stranger Things?

About 14 years after Victor returned from World War II, Virginia inherited a small fortune from one of her relatives. The Creel family purchased a picturesque home in Hawkins, Indiana, and moved there. For a month, nothing happened, but then animals started dying around the house. When Victor reached out to the police chief, he was told that it was just a wildcat. However, Alice, Virginia, and Victor soon started having disturbing visions.

Things only got worse from there. Virginia died a horrifying death. Victor tried to get Henry and Alice out of the house, but he suddenly found himself back in France, reliving the day when his erroneous judgment caused the death of an entire family, including a child. When he returned to reality, Alice had died, and Henry had slipped into a coma. The latter apparently died a week later. In grief, Victor gouged his eyes out with a razor so he could join his family, but his psychiatrist saved his life.

Victor thinks that Henry was a sensitive boy who figured out something was wrong with the house before everyone else. The reality is that it was Henry who caused those incidents. It is heavily implied that he had psychotic tendencies since he was young. After moving to Hawkins, he found a nest of black widows and found them more relatable than other humans. He felt that the human notions of order and morality were unnatural and decided to undo it all. He started by killing the animals and then caused his parents and sister to have horrible nightmares. His mother figured out that it was him and contacted Dr. Brenner. This prompted Henry to kill his mother and sister and get his father incarcerated.

Is Henry Dead?

No, Henry isn’t dead. When he killed his mother and sister, he had no idea about the extent of his powers. That was why he went into a coma. However, he survived. Much to Henry’s dismay, Dr. Brenner took charge of him. Henry became One or 001 of his test subjects at Hawkins Lab. Henry was the one who committed the massacre at the lab, killing guards, nurses, and fellow test subjects. Eventually, Eleven defeated him and sent him to the Upside Down, where contact with the Mind Flayer turned Henry into Vecna.

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