Who is Julian Lacosse in The Lincoln Lawyer?

Based on the books by Michael Connelly, Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ follows the titular character on the journey to become the most successful defense attorney in Los Angeles. When all hope seems lost, Mickey Haller is the only defense lawyer who can get his clients out of prison and help them get their freedom by receiving a not-guilty verdict. The job comes with a moral quandary or two, and despite representing criminals, Haller makes sure his moral and professional code is not broken.

In every season, Haller takes up a client charged with a murder they claim they did not commit. At the end of the second season, he gets a call to represent a man named Julian Lacosse. Haller has never met this man, yet he realizes he will have to take Julian’s case and get to the bottom of it. Who is this Julian Lacosse, and why is he so important? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Who is Julian Lacosse?

After Haller has won Lisa Trammell’s case, he is ready to take on another challenge. Izzy tells him that Julian Lacosse has called for him. The man has been arrested for murder and is prepared to pay Haller’s fee, whatever it might be. This makes it sound like Lacosse comes from money. But when Haller finds him, it doesn’t look like Lacosse has any money.

Haller asks him how he knew to call him, and Lacosse reveals that his friend Giselle Dallinger told him to call Haller if anything went wrong. While Haller says he doesn’t know any Giselle Dallinger, Lacosse claims the lawyer must know her very well. Haller heads to the morgue to see Giselle Dallinger and discovers it’s actually Gloria Dayton, aka Glory Days. She has been murdered, and Julian is accused of the crime.

Not much is revealed about Julian in the last episode. However, it’s clear that the next season will focus on his trial. This plot is pulled from the book, ‘The Gods of Guilt,’ which focuses on the investigation into Gloria’s murder. In the book, Julian is called Andre Lacosse. The show seems to have changed his name, and what else will be changed about him remains to be seen. However, for now, it looks like the third season will more or less go down the same path as the book it is based upon.

The events in the book start somewhat similar to those in the show, with Haller receiving a call, meeting Lacosse, and finding out about Giselle, aka Gloria. Lacosse was a website manager and helped people like Gloria set up websites for their businesses. He made good money, which explains why he can afford to pay Haller without difficulty. He also had a partner named David, who later stranded him when the trial began, adding to Lacosse’s misery in prison, which was already unbearable to him.

Lacosse’s case is a difficult nut to crack because Haller has no idea what happened to Gloria or who might have killed her. Moreover, things get worse for Lacosse in prison, who is hospitalized at one time because he is beaten up so badly. Eventually, however, the hero prevails, and Haller, against all odds, succeeds in getting the not-guilty verdict for Lacosse. In a much later novel, Lacosse reappears and helps Haller when he is in trouble.

Lacosse’s case takes many twists and turns, always keeping Haller on his toes. Considering that the next season will focus on it, we can expect quite an exciting ride ahead. Because the show is also known to make some here-and-there changes to the book’s plot, there might be some twists in store even for the people who have read the book and are already familiar with Lacosse’s case and what fate holds for him.

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