Who is Kalimba Edwards From Tough as Nails?

Image Credit: Kalimba Edwards/Instagram

‘Tough as Nails’ is a reality competition series wherein individuals who already work demanding jobs in the real world face off against one another in a set of challenges to test their overall endurance, skills, and physical and mental strength. In the end, following weekly eliminations and several chances to attain rewards, the winner gets to walk away with a $200,000 prize, a Ford Super Duty truck, and a lifetime of bragging rights for being the toughest spirit in America. Hoping to achieve this and much more on season 3 is Kalimba Cobb Edwards, so here is all that we know about her!

Kalimba Edwards’ Background: Where is She From?

Born to a Jamaican father and a White mother, Kalimba Edwards grew up in a farming community near Wallace, Nebraska. She learned the importance of labor-intensive trades at an early age. In the introduction segment of the show, Kalimba explained that when they were young, she and her little sister, Cassandra, did have trouble being accepted by locals because they are biracial. However, their mother, Karen, made a name for their family through sheer hard work, and that gradually changed everything. That’s why her mother is Kalimba’s idol and support system. Aside from herself, her kids, and girls who grew up thinking they were not enough, Kalimba is competing for her mother.

In fact, Karen is the reason Kalimba wants to win ‘Tough as Nails.’ “I could help my mom [with the prize money] so she can retire,” she told CBS. “After 40 years [of] running her own daycare, I would like to see her enjoy life and maybe have someone taking care of her for a little while.” Furthermore, on Karen’s birthday, Kalimba wrote, in part, “I love you more than any Instagram post (no matter how long) could ever explain. I’m so proud of you and look forward to being next to you during all your next adventures!” As for Cassandra, she’s a mother, veteran, and nurse — someone Kalimba is pleased to call her baby sister.

Kalimba Edwards’ Profession

Kalimba Cobb Edwards is a Strongman contender and a fire captain at the Minneapolis Fire Department in Minnesota. A typical day at work for her includes relieving her shift partner, checking air bottles and masks, filling out the station journal, calling the chief to report and receive updates, EMS training, fighting fires, and saving lives. Kalimba claims that around 80% of the calls they get are actually EMS (emergency medical services), so they have to be prepared for everything. Apart from that, she is a yoga instructor and a full-time mother. Moreover, Kalimba is proud to be on the path to recovery from addiction for more than ten years.

Kalimba Edwards’ Husband and Children

According to sources, Kalimba Edwards is married to a Jamaican who resides in the nation. The couple co-parents their sons — Ty and Mekhi — traveling back and forth whenever possible. Since a lot of her relatives are in Jamaica, the family used to spend about four to six months in the Richmond St. Ann area before the COVID-19 pandemic struck and shut things down.

Thus, of course, it has been almost impossible for them to travel over the last year and a half, yet they still seem to make things work. We should also mention that while Ty is enrolled at Bemidji State University, where he plays football, Mekhi is a basketball athlete in high school, leading Kalimba to call herself “Mother of Dragons.”

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