Who is Laramie on Yellowstone? Will She End Up With Walker or Lloyd?

Yellowstone‘ season 4 is treading new territory by putting a keen focus on the supporting characters such as Jimmy, Walker, and Lloyd. While the Dutton family members have seen significant developments of their own, fans are gushing over the storylines involving some of our favorite ranch hands. Tensions are running high at the bunkhouse, and Laramie has found herself at the center of the conflict. If you need a refresher about Laramie’s story on the show so far and wish to get an idea of the implications of her character’s actions on the overall narrative, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about Laramie and her potential future on the show!

Who is Laramie on Yellowstone?

Laramie makes her debut in the fifth episode of the show’s third season, titled ‘Cowboys and Dreamers’, with actress Hassie Harrison (‘Tacoma FD‘) playing the role. Laramie is Mia’s best friend and a barrel racer. After John tasks Rip to find more workers for the ranch, the girls decide to sign up to make some extra money during their off time. Laramie is a sweet young woman with a generous and open-minded personality.

In the later appearances of the third season, Laramie begins to flirt with Lloyd, and soon after, the duo becomes something of an item. Although things between them are casual, they have great chemistry with each other. Laramie doesn’t seem to mind her age difference with Lloyd and is just having fun. In the third season finale, we see Laramie waking up in Walker’s bed, triggering the development of animosity between the two ranch hands.

Will Laramie End Up With Walker or Lloyd?

In the fourth season of ‘Yellowstone,’ the love triangle between Laramie, Walker, and Lloyd is quickly turning into a major storyline, and fans are already taking guesses at who Laramie will end up with. In the fourth season, Laramie pretty casually switches her romantic interest from Lloyd to Walker. Walker is an ex-convict who has often butted head with Rip. However, after his return to the ranch, he has tried to accommodate himself into the group. Laramie appears to have developed feelings for Walker, and it is safe to say they are a couple, at least for now. Laramie’s attraction towards the guitar-playing singer is understandable. Still, given her history, one has to stop and wonder whether her feelings are genuine or if Walker is just another casual fling for Laramie.

Lloyd is livid at the kind of treatment he has received, but his anger is directed towards Walker and not Laramie. Therefore, things are highly complicated between the three of them. It seems like Laramie will remain with Walker for the near future. However, given that Laramie is such an untamed spirit, it is entirely possible that she will move on from Walker too. On the other hand, given how casually Laramie dumped Lloyd, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for the two to get back together. Moreover, it would undoubtedly provide both men with a moment of clarity if they were both to get dumped by the same woman.

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