Who is Mandana Bolourchi’s Timberwolves Boyfriend?

Image Credit: Mandana Bolourchi/Instagram

Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills‘ features many well-known celebrities thanks to the high-profile client list of The Agency. After all, this reality show revolves around realtors based in Beverly Hills, California, who work for The Agency and have catered to well-known celebrities over the years. Season 1 of the show thus welcomed Mandana Bolourchi as one of Melissa Platt’s clients. During her time on the Netflix series, Mandana shares a few tidbits of her life with present agents and the viewers. Naturally, this has made many admirers of the show even more curious about her personal life, and we are here to shed some light on the same!

Mandana Bolourchi’s Background

Born on March 30, 1994, in Iran, Marana Bolourchi’s childhood was spent in the cities of Tehran in Iran, Dubai in UAE, and Los Angeles in California. As a member of an influential family, Mandana’s childhood was spent in different cultures and places across the globe. This made her appreciate the beauty of diversity more and more as she grew up. She has also been a concert pianist since the age of 11, thanks to her knack for music.

However, Mandana’s main passion has always been the arts and design. From a young age, she had an eye for detail and would often sketch out doll outfits, buildings, and landscapes. Her career move to an interior designer was thus rather natural, but the roots of it only took place once she began traveling extensively. Every time she visited a new place, she would try and bring something back as a decorative souvenir. Apart from the nostalgia factor, these pieces would serve to enhance the beauty of her home.

Then, once Mandana began establishing a name for herself, she also decided to share her lifestyle and knowledge of design and fashion with her followers on the internet. Apparently, this was something she initially struggled with due to her culture — Middle Eastern norms ask women to stay away from the public eye, which put her and her work against many, including her own father. Therefore, despite her thriving real estate business in the Middle East, the influencer-entrepreneur always felt like she was under the shadow of men.

“The only way I felt I could heal, was to be around those in situations that were similar to mine, but less fortunate,” Mandana once told New York Weekly, referring to her ensuing philanthropic endeavors. “There is a sense of healing that began inside of me hearing other women’s stories and situations that I no longer felt alone. I had an image to keep. I showed nothing but a happy face always. But being around others in similar situations, I knew that this time I am in control. And if I have anything to do with it, I will make sure that these women do not [have to] wait to get out of the situation.” Then, around 2020, Mandana herself left Dubai and moved to Los Angeles. Presently she works as a model, a lifestyle influencer, an interior designer, an investor, and a businesswoman.

Mandana Bolourchi’s Boyfriend

As of writing, Mandana Bolourchi is dating Patrick Beverley, a professional basketball player. Patrick has been playing the sport since 2006, when he was in college and a part of the Arkansas Razorbacks. During Mandana’s time on the Netflix show, she shared that her boyfriend plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, the athlete has since been traded twice and is presently on the roster of the Los Angeles Lakers. Patrick reportedly has four children as of writing, with his eldest being a teen and his youngest having turned 4 in February 2022.

Coming to Mandana and Patrick as a couple, they obviously not just enjoy spending time with each other but are also fond of traveling to new destinations for new experiences together. Though they’ve kept the details of their romantic experiences private, they never hesitate to share the fact they continue to stick by one another on social media. They even celebrated one year of their relationship in April 2022. Given Mandana’s stint in ‘Buying Beverly Hills,’ it is likely that she and Patrick are planning on moving in together or have already done so, making it perfectly clear they see a future together.

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