Who is Rose’s Father in Vampire Academy? Theories

Image Credit: Jose Haro/Peacock

Peacock’s ‘Vampire Academy’ follows the story of two girls from different sections of vampire society. Lissa is a royal Moroi, while her best friend Rose is a Dhampir guardian. Over the course of the first season, the girls go through a massive upheaval, which changes their lives forever. By the end, they find that they can only trust each other and depend on one another for their own safety. While Lissa grieves for the loss of her entire family, Rose gets the chance to explore her own origins.

Before she leaves, Rose’s mother, Janine, gives her a phone number. She tells her to contact this person if she ever needs something in the human world. When Rose asks who this person is, Janine says that it’s her father. Because, till now, the show hasn’t revealed anything about the identity of Rose’s father, it is natural that you want to know more about who he is and what role he plays in Rose’s story in the future. Here’s everything we know about him. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD

The Real Identity of Rose’s Father

‘Vampire Academy’ is based on the book series of the same name by Richelle Mead. It is in its fourth book, ‘Blood Promise’ that Rose meets her father. He is a non-royal but very influential Moroi named Ibrahim “Abe” Mazur. He is a complicated person in his own right and becomes instrumental in helping Rose through some of the toughest times in her life by presenting her solutions to impossible situations. He is a morally ambiguous character who regularly bends the rules to serve his own purpose. It is possible that Rose got her own penchant for going against the rules from him!

Image Credit: Jose Haro/Peacock

Abe’s elemental magic is Earth magic. Even though he is not a royal, he is very wealthy and is known to have access to the secrets of important people, which he uses to make them do their bidding. His knowledge extends to the human world, especially the Alchemists, and he knows almost everything about everything. Considering that the final episode of Season 1 introduces us to the existence of Alchemists, it will be interesting to see how he figures into Rose’s story and helps her and Lissa in their journey.

Despite being based on the book series, the Peacock show takes its own approach to telling Rose and Lissa’s story. Several changes have been made to the characters and their relationships with each other. The show also tampers with the timeline by presenting certain parts in detail, which were only referred to in the books in the past. By taking the basic elements of the story, the writers of the show have given it a contemporary twist, making it more relevant to current times and relatable to the audience.

Considering all the changes that the plot and the main characters have already been through, it is safe to assume that the show will tweak Abe’s character too. The fact that his arrival has already been hinted at, while he doesn’t appear in the books until much later, proves that the show is ready to present its own take on him. How removed the TV Abe gets from the book Abe is yet to be seen, but hopefully, the show will remain true to his multifaceted personality, bordering on hero and villain at all times.

For the show, the revelation of Alchemists and Rose’s father at the same time proves that there will be strong connections between the two. The second season will give us more insight into the Alchemists, and with Andre turned into a Strigoi, it is possible that Rose and Lissa might look for a cure and the answer might lie with the Alchemists. Because the girls know nothing about these mysterious people, they will need someone with much more intimate knowledge on the matter, and that’s where Abe might come in.

It will also be interesting to find out what his life looks like away from the Dominion. The second season will reveal why he stayed away from Rose all this while, and whether he actually feels any affection for her. With his own motives thrown in the mix, there is a chance that Abe might be a darker character in the show than he is in the books, making him more of a villain than the savior of Rose and Lissa.

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