Who is The Circle’s James Jefferson? Who is His Fiancee? What’s His Profession?

Netflix’s ‘The Circle‘ is a reality competition series wherein a rotating roster of players isolate themselves in different apartments of the same complex to participate in a popularity contest. However, the catch is that they can’t meet face to face; their sole means of communication is their profiles on a specifically designed titular social media app. Of course, this also enables anonymity and deception, which the cast takes complete advantage of, as seen in season 3. Since James Jefferson was the one who stated that he would even “lie to the Pope to win,” let’s find out more about him, shall we?

James Jefferson’s Age and Family

James Andre Jefferson Jr. was born on April 25, 1990, and was seemingly raised in a warm and happy home. Unfortunately, despite his active work in the entertainment industry, we do not know much about his familial life as James prefers to keep it separate from the spotlight.

With that said, we do know that he’s incredibly proud of his heritage and has at least one sister and one brother. In fact, James often takes to his social media platforms to show that he genuinely admires, respects, and cares about those who have had a hand in turning him into the man he is today, especially his family.

What Does James Jefferson do in Real Life?

As James Andre Jefferson Jr. stated in his introduction on ‘The Circle,’ he is a stand-up comedian and a DJ because the former doesn’t always pay the bills. Apart from that, though, he’s also a YouTuber and Podcast host. The 31-year-old not only has a self-titled channel with over 40 videos and 68k subscribers as of writing, but he also has a joint channel with his partner, titled James & Brittany, which has around 2.7k subscribers. Except, the couple-specific channel hasn’t been active for more than three years now. As for James’ ‘Off The Mic’ podcast, all old episodes have been deleted since he is looking to reinvent himself, indicating that new ones will come soon.

We should even mention that James first fell in love with comedy and the entertainment industry at the age of 12, which led him to start performing when he was merely 13-14. His family didn’t know about his career at first, but he slowly opened up and also started thriving. James’ first big college show was at Cal State Fullerton, giving him a significant boost, and that is when he chose to jump onto social media to expand his reach. It took him time and a lot of trial and error to discern the kind of comic he aspired to be, and now, after all the hard work, James has garnered enough recognition.

James Jefferson’s Fiancee

James Jefferson Jr. has been in a happy and healthy romantic relationship with entrepreneur Brittany Brown for over a decade now. He said on the series that he’s loud, and his girl not only agrees, but she likes it. She also conceded that he “plays,” yet she’s with him because the “one thing he don’t play bout is” her and because he has a great personality.

James and Brittany have been through several ups and downs through the years, and they’re each other’s best friends. Thus, when James got down on one knee to propose in February 2021, Brittany, of course, said, “Yes!” The couple has been in an even more blissful union ever since, as made evident from their online footprint.

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