Who is the Father of Malva’s Baby in Outlander? Theories

Ever since Malva’s arrival at Fraser’s Ridge in Starz’s historical series ‘Outlander’ season 6, the character has made the viewers curious about her past and present. Her questions concerning intimacy, Claire and Jamie’s doubts regarding her real father, and the love charm she does make her a mysterious and intriguing character. In the sixth episode of season 6, Malva reveals that she is pregnant with Jamie’s baby, astounding each and everyone living in the settlement. Meanwhile, Roger doubts Henderson and Young Ian doubts himself concerning the identity of Malva’s baby’s father. If you are eager to know who the real father is, let us share the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is the Father of Malva’s Baby?

In the sixth episode of season 6, Tom Christie visits Jamie and Claire with Malva and Allan. When Jamie asks about the reason for the unforeseen visit, Tom asks Malva to answer. Malva says that she is pregnant with Jamie’s baby after maintaining a consensual sexual affair with the lord of the Fraser household while Claire was severely ill. As proof, Malva also reveals the positions of Jamie’s scars and body marks. Even though Jamie dismisses her revelation as a lie, Tom demands him to take care of Malva and her child. The news stuns Young Ian, who goes to see Claire and reveals that he can be the father of Malva’s baby since he was intimate with her once.

Roger, on the other hand, doubts Henderson. He remembers the day he encountered Malva and Henderson together in the church, having sex. However, none of these individuals is the real father of Malva’s baby. As per Diana Gabaldon’s ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes,’ the source novel of the sixth season, Allan Christie is the one who impregnated Malva. Allan is Malva’s half-brother since her father is Edgar, Allan’s father Tom Christie’s brother. He repeatedly molested his half-sister, impregnated her, and later influenced her to tell the lie that Jamie is her baby’s father.

In the novel, Malva accuses Jamie of impregnating her to gain shelter and a responsible father for her child. She knows that Allan cannot and will not step forward and care for her. Although she believes that her accusation will benefit her, the guilt of lying ultimately conquers her. She decides to tell Claire the truth about her pregnancy, which threatens Allan. Before Malva manages to meet Claire or Jamie to tell them that her brother is the one responsible for her pregnancy, Allan kills her and leaves the dead body in the compound of Jamie and Claire’s house. Due to Malva’s death, her baby also dies.

Malva has seen Jamie and Claire having sex for her to reveal Jamie’s identification marks. She uses that knowledge to establish the lie that Jamie is indeed her baby’s father in front of Tom Christie and others. Even though her and Allan’s plan works to convince the settlers of the Ridge, Malva gets tired of sticking to the lie, which eventually costs her life. In the upcoming episodes, we can expect the repercussions of Malva’s pregnancy and eventual death in the lives of Jamie and Claire before they come across the truth.

In ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes,’ Allan confesses to Claire about impregnating and killing Malva. However, his confession happens extremely late as Malva’s death makes Claire’s life miserable and rewrites the fate of his father Tom Christie.

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