Who is the Final Boss in CURS>R? Did Hal Reach the Final Level?

‘Choose or Die’ is a horror film that takes viewers into the world of retro gaming through an 80s survival-themed video game. Directed by Toby Meakins, the movie revolves around ‘CURS>R,’ a video game that provides the players a chance to win a $125,000 grand prize for completing the game.

However, when Kayla, a struggling college dropout, starts playing the game, she learns about its true nature and the dangers that come with it. As Kayla progresses through the levels, she reaches the last level and must face off against the game’s final boss. If you are curious to find out who is the final boss of ‘CURS>R’ and how they reached this position, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who is the Final Boss in CURS>R?

As the narrative of ‘Choose or Die’ progresses, Kayla completes the different levels of the game and makes her way through to the fourth level. In the fourth level, she is forced to see the death of her friend, Isaac. After Isaac dies, Kayla finds the address of a remote house which is presumably the spot for the game’s last level. At the house, Kayla meets Hal, who first appears in the film’s opening scenes. Hal is one of the people to have tried his hand at ‘CURS>R.’ However, the outcome of his turn remains unknown until the film’s climax.

While Kayla and Hal are having a conversation, ‘CURS>R’ kick starts its fifth and final level. Kayla’s phone notifies her that she is playing the last level, and its objective is to defeat the “final boss.” As gaming fans must know, most retro games end with the player having to defeat the final boss in the last level. Therefore, it is no surprise that Kayla faces a similar task. However, it is revealed that Hal is the final boss, and Kayla must defeat him to claim the prize.

Did Hal Reach the Final Level?

During the opening scenes, viewers see Hal is an alcoholic and likes to escape his problems by playing old video games. One night, after overhearing an argument between his wife and son, Hal decides to try playing ‘CURS>R.’ In the first level, Hal is forced to choose between cutting off his wife’s ear or his son’s tongue. After seeing his son’s tongue cut off, Hal realizes that the game is much more sinister than he originally imagined. However, before we can learn more about Hal’s turn, the movie cuts to the opening credits.

In the film’s climax, viewers finally learn how Hal’s time playing the terrifying game turned out. He reveals that he only played the first two levels, after which he was offered a chance to make copies of the game. Hal accepted the offer to protect his family. However, unbeknownst to Hal, his actions inadvertently made him to game’s final boss.

In the end, Kayla and Hal fight, and both realize the only way to win is to kill the other. However, due to the game’s code, they can only inflict damage on the other by harming themselves. Thus, Kayla drowns herself, leading to Hal’s death. After Hal dies, his computer declares that his game is over. Ultimately, by becoming the final boss, Hal does reach the final level in a manner of speaking. His tragic fate reminds us how no one can truly escape the clutches of ‘CURS>R’ once they start playing the twisted game.

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