Who is the Rapist in Bosch Legacy? Who is Kurt Dockweiler?

At its core, ‘Bosch: Legacy’ is about the relationship between the eponymous character (Titus Welliver) and his daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz). The dynamic between these two characters is also a quintessential part of the narrative in the original series. But given that the sequel/spin-off is partially about establishing Bosch’s legacy as a police officer through Maddie, their relationship has become the main driver of the plot. This is why the final sequence of the first season has such a profound impact on most audience members. When Bosch arrives at Maddie’s home and can’t find her, you feel every bit of pain and worry that he is feeling.

Throughout the first season, Maddie, now a rookie cop in the streets of Los Angeles, looks for a rapist in a luchador mask who has sexually assaulted several women in the Thai Town neighborhood. Here is what we know about the man. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is the Rapist in Bosch Legacy?

The real identity of the rapist hasn’t been actually revealed by the end of the first season, but the clues provided in the last two episodes point toward a certain character. Maddie becomes involved in the police investigation of the rapist when she and her partner, Reina Vasquez, answer a call and speak to Preeda Saetang, one of the victims of the rapist. Being new to the job, Maddie is yet to build up a wall of detachment around herself, so she ends up experiencing at least some of the pain and trauma of the people she is helping. She grows especially close to Preeda, as she is able to relate to the helplessness the other woman is feeling. After all, Maddie felt equally helpless when she was forced to deal with the professional assassin sent by Carl Rogers.

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Maddie advises Preeda on what to do to make her home safer. She also regularly shares information about the investigation with the other woman. In the penultimate episode of the season, Maddie finds the luchador mask that she and Reina think belongs to the criminal. She also finds a number on a home inspection notice. It is heavily implied that Kurt Dockweiler (Will Chase), the property inspector that issued the said notice, is the rapist.

Who is Kurt Dockweiler?

Dockweiler first appears in episode 9. The police are yet to catch the rapist, so they decide to expand the search area, and Maddie and Reina take the point. As she asks around the neighborhood whether anyone has seen a lurker, Maddie sees the inspection notice and leaves a message for the property inspector Kurt Dockweiler. When Kurt gets back to her, he claims he hasn’t heard about the attacks. However, he has apparently looked her up on the internet.

In the final sequence of the season, when Maddie gets back, the rapist has already broken into her home. Meanwhile, Bosch realizes that something is seriously wrong when Maddie doesn’t answer any of his calls. He rushes to Maddie’s home and finds it empty. However, he spots that the screen has been cut on one of the windows, which has become part of the Modus Operandi of the rapist. The show seems to indicate that Dockweiler is the rapist and has kidnapped Maddie.

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