Who is the Richest Dubai Bling Cast Member? Net Worths, Ranked

Netflix’s ‘Dubai Bling‘ follows a group of self-made millionaires in Diamond City navigating high-profile social lives while balancing their personal and professional commitments. The reality show provides an authentic window into the lives of the rich and famous by showcasing what goes on behind the scenes at extravagant parties, luxury events, and multimillion-dollar business deals.

Besides a handsome helping of friendship, high-octane drama and romance add to the thrill of the show. While viewers have been fascinated by the luxury, comfort, and wealth on display, many are curious to know more about the cast’s net worth. Well, if you have ever wondered who the richest star in ‘Dubai Bling’ might be, we have you covered!

11. Danya Mohammed – $1.5 Million

Devoted wife and mother of two, Danya Mohammed has earned a significant fan following online as a social media influencer. While her net worth received a considerable boost after she married famous music producer Marwan Al-Awadhi, AKA DJ Bliss, she has built up her own identity online and currently has over a hundred thousand followers on both Instagram and YouTube.

Danya claimed that her husband helped her find an interest in vlogging, and she soon realized she had a natural affinity for cosmetics and beauty. Apart from creating content on makeup and beauty, she uses her popularity to endorse popular brands online. She is also the proud owner of Besties Cafe and her own footwear line. Hence, considering Danya’s avenues of income and current status as a reality TV star, we believe her net worth to be around $1.5 million.

10. Brianna Fade – $1.5 Million

Brianna Fade was propelled into the spotlight when she followed and immediately unfollowed radio jockey Kris Fade on Instagram, catching his attention. Kris and Brianna went on to have a whirlwind romance; the latter worked as a talent manager in Dubai before meeting the radio jockey. Nevertheless, Brianna’s marriage to Kris boosted her net worth considerably, and at present, she serves as the Brand Manager at Fade Fit, her husband’s company. Besides, Brianna enjoys a significant fan following on social media, which has helped her get several brand endorsements. Hence, considering her successful life, we assume her net worth to be around $1.5 million.

9. Safa Siddiqui – $1.5 Million

London-raised Safa started her professional life as a real estate agent. Although she was pretty successful in selling houses and had some top-rung clients, she quit corporate life to take time out for herself. Hence, Safa started building her presence online and currently boasts a significant fan following on social media. Her follower count has helped her get her several brand endorsements, and she has launched her fashion line, determined to become a successful fashion designer soon. Considering Safa’s achievements and money-making avenues, we believe her net worth is around $1.5 million.

8. Kris Fade – $2 Million

Kris was already working in Australia as a radio jockey and moved to Dubai once he got an opportunity to work with Virgin Radio in the Middle East. Although his initial months in Dubai were quite tough, with him even having to take a loan to make ends meet, the radio jockey was determined to make it big and soon started getting popular in the industry.

To this very day, Kris works at Virgin Radio, where he hosts his breakfast radio show, ‘The Kris Fade Show,’ broadcast in Dubai and Australia. Additionally, he established his company, Fade Fit, which serves healthier versions of popular snacks at an affordable price. As Fade Fit is one of the fastest-growing brands in the Middle East and is highly valued, we believe Kris’ net worth is around $2 million.

7. Farhana Bodi – $2.5 Million

Farhana Bodi stepped into her professional life as a model and makeup artist. However, she didn’t want to stagnate her career in a single place, so she started building up an online presence, hoping to become a social media influencer. Farhana earned quite a bit of fame as a model and even walked the ramp at important events like the London Fashion Week and Cannes Red Carpet.

Farhana’s grind finally paid off, as she is considered one of Dubai’s most followed personalities, with over 1.5 million followers on different platforms. She uses her online popularity to endorse multiple products while participating in high-paying photoshoots. Besides, Farhana is the founder of the lifestyle brand I Woman of the World, which puts her net worth at around $2.5 million.

5. Marwan Al-Awadhi – $2.5 Million

Marwan Al-Awadhi, aka DJ Bliss, started his career as a radio show host while still in school. Moreover, he was involved with the band KRAK (now Cyanide) and began working as a DJ at various events. Eventually, DJ Bliss shot to fame once he was employed by Radio One, which helped him acquire international fame. Apart from hosting the TV show ‘‘That’s Entertainment,’ he established the music production agency Bliss Inc Entertainment. DJ Bliss’s production agency is considered one of the finest in Dubai, and he has also established other companies, namely Karak Inc Eatery and SELEKT. Keeping this all in mind, we estimate his net worth to be around $2.5 million.

5. Zeina Khoury – $3 Million

Anyone associated with the real estate industry in Dubai would be familiar with Zeina Khoury’s name. She started as a property consultant in January 2007 and obtained a promotion in 2009, which bumped her position to the Head of Collections at the Dubai-based real estate agency Emirates Sunland. Nevertheless, competing agencies soon took note of Zeina’s talents, and in 2012, she was offered the CEO role at High Mark Real Estate Brokers.

Though she has made more than a few high-profile sales in her career, she founded the website BookAnyService.com in 2014, which now seems defunct. Quite recently, she also launched her own fashion line called I Am The Company in order to realize her fondest of dreams. Nevertheless, Zeina’s work as a CEO, coupled with her achievements and social media influence, puts her current net worth at $3 million.

4. Loujain Adada – $4 Million

A native of California, Loujain grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, where she pursued a career in modeling from a very young age. She was pretty popular in the Lebanon modeling industry and received several ad opportunities. Later, she was asked to host the music show ‘‘Energy Spin Magazine,’ on MTC Lebanon at age 21. Although it seemed like Loujain’s career was on the rise, she soon let go of her profession and married billionaire Saudi businessman Walid Juffali. They had a happy marriage and even shared two kids.

However, the businessman, who was significantly older than Loujain, passed away from cancer in 2016, leaving her with a hefty inheritance. Since then, she has focused on being a better mother to her children and has endorsed products online from time to time. Nevertheless, with Netflix offering Loujain an opportunity to appear on ‘Dubai Bling,’ her current net worth is around $4 million.

3. Lojain Omran – $6 Million

After moving to Bahrain, Saudi native Lojain Omran started her career in finance and continued working as an Operations Manager in the Visa Debit Collection division. She desired to join the entertainment industry in Bahrain and did so as a broadcaster with Bahrain TV. Over the years, Lojain has hosted several popular programs, including ‘‘Good Morning Arabs!,’ ‘Ya Hala,’ ‘The Situation With Lojain,’ ‘Around The Gulf,’ and others.

The TV personality has a large social media following and has been featured in prestigious publications, including Forbes and Gulf Business. Quite recently, she has also launched her own line of clothing, the debut show of which can be seen in the Netflix series. Lojain has certainly maintained her status as a popular television personality, putting her net worth at a handsome $6 million.

2. Ebraheem Al Samadi – $50 Million

Ebraheem Al Samadi had a tough childhood and started an eBay thrifting business when he was just 13 years old. The online company generated a revenue of around $40,000 within two years, helping him discover his passion for entrepreneurship. Hence, after investing in a used car dealership and trying to run a cellphone business alongside his father, Ebraheem turned his attention to the then-developing city of Dubai. The hairstyling brand Amika was the first company Ebraheem brought to Dubai; the young entrepreneur established a retail wing of his family’s company, The Al Samadi Group.

At present, Ebraheem has invested in several companies, with a notable few being My Imenso, Wired Up, The Chickery, and Forever Rose. While he works as the CEO of retail at the Al Samadi Group, the companies under Ebraheem are all multimillion-dollar ones, with Forever Rose being valued at $21 to $23 million in 2016. Thus, considering his avenues of income, we can safely assume that his net worth is above $50 Million.

1. Mona Kattan – $100 Million

Having made her debut in season 2 of the show, Mona Kattan is a business icon who has been a part of several highly successful ventures. Her vast experience is enough to impress anyone, and the reality TV star has certainly been working hard to remain at the top. As of writing, she serves as a Board Member of The Retail Summit and Waldencast. She holds the same post for The Luxury Closet and Humantra, in which she has also invested her money.

Mona is also a Board Member and a Partner for Heroine Sport. The proud Founder of Kayali Fragrances is also a YPO Member as well as a Kitopi Investor. Additionally, she is the Co-Founder of Huda Beauty and HB Investments. In fact, she is also the President and Board Member for the latter. Keeping in mind her status as a Netflix star as well as her highly successful business ventures, we estimate her net worth to be about $100 million

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