Who is Turtle on The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer’ Season 3 has given us some fantastic participants to root for, who have delivered amazing performances. However, it has been even more fun trying to guess who’s behind the masks. When the competition first started, Turtle captured our attention with the punk outfit. However, it was also somewhat enigmatic. Now, as we have moved past the group stages and entered the familiar format of smackdowns, we are quite confident of who’s behind the Turtle mask. Curious to find out who might be inside that shell? We have the clues and guesses right here.

Clues about Turtle:

The Turtle has given us plenty of clues throughout the competition. However, the smackdown stages had a different format when it comes to hints. Instead of presenting a package at the start, clues were given in terms of what might be in a performer’s suitcase.

After the Turtle’s case goes through the scanner, we see several clues like cologne, an arrow, a gavel, a baseball glove, a journal with the queen’s crown on it, and a tag that reads “Never Keep Open This Bag.” Turtle also teases the judges, saying, “What should be easy is figuring out these clues. So panel, take it slow like a turtle, and I promise it’ll all fit like a glove.” You can check out the clip with the clues below.

Guesses about Turtle:

Most of the clues point to Jesse McCartney being the Turtle. The hint about the surfboard could refer to his CW series. Meanwhile, other clues tie in with McCartney as well. For example, we see the initials in the second clue package spell out ‘DREAMST’, which refers to his former band Dream Street.

Moreover, Turtle has stated that he is a man of many talents, as is Jesse. One of the clues that Turtle directed at Nicole is about them spending a morning together. While many interpreted it romantically, the two have been on a morning show. You can check out the tweet about it below.

Moreover, several clues in the latest package also point towards Jesse being behind the mask. For example, we see a baseball glove, which might refer to Jesse’s favorite sport. Ultimately, most of Twitter seems to be convinced that Turtle sounds like Jesse. You can check out the tweet below, where a fan is somewhat confident about their current guess.

Turtle’s latest clue package has shifted attention to another possibility. Many have picked up on the strange wording of “Never Keep Open This Bag.” It can be abbreviated as NKOTB, which also translates to New Kids On The Block. Both Mark and Donnie Wahlberg have been members of the band.

Naturally, the burger reference in the first clue package also ties in with Turtle being an NKOTB member, because Donnie is known for ‘Wahlburgers.’ To top it off, Turtle also had the security guards put on bunny ears, which might be a reference to Jenny’s days as a Playboy bunny. All of this points to the fact that Turtle knows Jenny and Donnie quite well.

Fans have surmised that it might be Joey McIntyre from NKOTB. They have been supported in their guess due to Turtle’s reference to ‘step by step,’ a hit song by the band. You can check out a tweet, supporting this theory, below.


While the latest clues seem to point at someone else being behind the mask, Jesse has more going for him, when all packages are considered together. That said, Turtle is one of the strongest performers this season and is unlikely to be unmasked soon. We have the chance to analyze more clue packages and draw proper conclusions.

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