Who Killed Reggie in The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey? Theories

Apple TV+’s drama series ‘The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey’ follows 91-year-old Ptolemy Grey, who sets out to investigate his great-nephew Reggie’s murder irrespective of his dementia. Upon agreeing to undergo Dr. Rubin’s treatment procedure to regain his memory, Grey begins his expedition to find Reggie’s killer along with his new caretaker Robyn.

The memory and composure Grey regain upon taking the first dose of Dr. Rubin’s drug lead him to a significant witness, directing Grey to a pathway to unravel the mystery behind Reggie’s death. As Grey tries his best to find out the killer, one must be wondering about the same. Well, here are our theories! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Killed Reggie?

Grey walks into Reggie’s funeral without any prior knowledge of his death. He gets shattered upon seeing his great-nephew’s dead body and later comes to know that he was killed by a gunshot. From Robyn, Grey realizes that the police officials are just ignoring the murder case since Reggie was an African-American. When Grey regains his memory back, at least for a short while, he prioritizes the investigation to find out Reggie’s killer and even succeeds in finding a witness. From a woman who lives nearby the murder scene, Grey finds out that Reggie was accompanied by a man with a zigzag scar near the left eye.

The man with a zigzag scar can be the killer, confirming Zelda’s revelation to Grey. Before his death, Reggie talks to Grey about the involvement of his partner’s ex-boyfriend in his relationship, which makes him scared of losing her. The man Zelda sees along with Reggie can be the same ex-boyfriend, who resurfaced again to possibly destroy Reggie’s life with his partner. The fear of losing his relationship may have stirred Reggie to confront the man, and the dispute between the two may have ended up in Reggie’s murder.

The lack of evidence the police officials fail to collect from the murder scene is expected to make the investigation a tough affair. Even though Zelda provides significant detail, she isn’t sure that the man with the scar is the killer. Her fear directs her to escape from the murder scene and she may not have seen the killer accurately. If that’s the case, Reggie’s killer can be anyone, including Grey.

Reggie is the caretaker of Grey and custodian of Grey’s apartment until his death. He is the only person Grey trusts enough. Reggie may have misused such freedom to stir anger and motive in Grey’s vulnerable mind. Since Grey most likely has Coydog’s treasure in his possession, Reggie may have misused Grey’s trust to steal the treasure from the latter, only for Grey to kill Reggie to save the treasure his uncle collected while risking his own life. The sentimental value associated with the treasure may have influenced Grey to follow Reggie and kill him to retrieve it. The man with the zigzag scar can be Reggie’s accomplice and not the killer, as Zelda believes.

Due to dementia, Grey may have forgotten that he killed Reggie to save Coydog’s treasure, only for him to investigate the murder. If that’s the case, Grey is trying to find out himself, only to possibly realize that he killed his great-nephew. If Grey is innocent, the killer can also be Reggie’s accomplice, who may have helped him steal the treasure from Grey. Upon completing the robbery, Reggie may have gotten into a fight with the man regarding the share of the treasure, only to motivate the latter to kill him. If that’s the case, Grey’s murder investigation may also lead him to the lost treasure of his uncle he is trying to find.

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