Who Killed Sara Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

The Mexican mystery drama ‘Who Killed Sara’ follows Alex Guzman as he attempts to solve the 2-decade old murder of his sister. With the powerful Lazcano family as the prime suspects, Alex launches an attack on them that he has spent the larger part of his 18-year stint in prison planning. However, the deeper he investigates, the more the rabbit hole that is Sara’s murder opens up. In season 2, we see Alex begin to unravel secrets about Sara’s mental state, and how his seemingly innocent victim of a sister might not have been so innocent after all.

In episode 2, apart from the resolution of the previous episode’s cliffhanger, we get to see a lot of what went on in secret between multiple characters. We are also introduced to an entirely new plot point with Clara, who so far has appeared to be Jose Maria’s loyal childhood friend and surrogate. Episode 2 barely gives us time to breathe as it introduces one piece of the puzzle after another, sometimes clarifying things and sometimes further entangling them. Let’s get to it and see what clues we can pick up from ‘Who Killed Sara’ season 2 episode 2. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

The episode opens with Alex’s court appearance with regards to the skeleton found buried in his backyard. With Lorenzo, Jose Maria’s recently estranged partner, representing him, Alex is put on police watch for the next 6 months while authorities investigate the body. Alex is later told that the body discovered in his backyard was that of a male between the ages of 40 and 45.

We then see Clara with Sara’s childhood friend Marifer, who, in the previous season’s finale, is revealed to be “Diana the Huntress,” a secret online entity helping Alex with his investigation. For the first time, we are shown the close relationship that Clara and Marifer share, and more importantly, that they are plotting something together.

So far, we only knew that Marifer was, for reasons unknown, helping Alex. However, we now see that her plan is somehow connected to Clara being a surrogate for Jose Maria. It is also revealed that Clara has ulterior motives for carrying Jose Maria’s baby, and she is seen repeatedly pleading with him to replace Lorenzo and take her as a partner.

Mariana also continues to pull strings, and after realizing that Elroy knows too much about her attempts on the lives of Sara, the accountant, and Rodolfo, she kills him. She also tells Rodolfo that his childhood friend Nicandro was having an affair with Sara and impregnated her. However, Rodolfo soon realizes that Mariana is lying and confronts her, saying that it would be impossible for him or Nicandro to be the father of Sara’s unborn child since they were both out of the country during her pregnancy.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Episode 2 Ending: What are Clara and Marifer Up To?

Soon after Rodolfo’s confrontation with Mariana, the family shows up at the hospital where Elisa is recovering from the explosion caused by Alex. Don Cesar, initially scared for his daughter’s wellbeing, is distracted when Sergio informs him that his casino is being raided by the IRS. In the argument that follows, Sergio reveals that he has killed not just Flor Sanchez but other women too. Enraged and dismayed, Don Cesar breaks ties with Sergio.

We then see a flashback to Sara’s doctor asking her mother to get a psychiatric profile of Sara’s father, who is committed to a mental institution. Sara sees her mother going to the institution and, thinking that her mother plans on having her institutionalized, freaks out and blames her friend Marifer for colluding with her. In the closing scene of the episode, we see a now grown Marifer going through Sara’s father’s medical records.

This neatly brings us to our biggest question from this episode, namely, what are Marifer and Clara plotting? In a show with twists in every episode, this still manages to remain a major plot point. One of the big reveals of season 1 was that Marifer is the mysterious online entity helping Alex. We now see that she is also conspiring with Clara, who has involved herself deeply with Jose Maria by becoming his surrogate.

At one point, when Clara and Jose Maria briefly kiss, we also find out that the two were lovers in their younger days when Jose Maria was still experimenting with his sexuality. We cannot know for sure what Clara and Marifer are planning together as we don’t know what their motivations are. Whereas Clara’s motivation could be money, which Jose Maria and the Lazcanos have a lot of, it would be too simplistic. It is also worth noting that Clara and Marifer, as a team, connect the two families at the center of the series — Alex and his sister and the Lazcanos.

Clara is a childhood acquaintance of the Lazcano siblings, and Marifer is the childhood friend of Sara. Together, the two possibly hold more information about the entire situation than anyone else. Being childhood friends of the respective families, neither of the two are suspects, allowing them to go about their plan unhindered. Whereas it seems that Marifer is motivated by a sense of justice to reveal Sara’s murderer, her collusion with Clara to manipulate Jose Maria comes as a surprise.

Considering that Jose Maria and Sara were rivals in their younger days, with Sara threatening to expose that Jose Maria was gay, Marifer may be driven by some sense of revenge. Another, more likely possibility is that both Clara and Marifer are motivated by their common hatred for Cesar and Mariana Lazcano, who, it seems, have hurt many people over the years, even those closest to them.

Has Don Cesar Finally Lost?

Don Cesar, in this episode, finds himself walled in, with all his troubles coming to pass simultaneously. Starting with his daughter Elisa getting injured in an explosion, Don Cesar soon after learns that she has been collaborating with his nemesis, Alex. He is also confronted by Rodolfo, who informs the don of the vasectomy he got. This essentially proves that Don Cesar impregnated his son’s wife, causing both Rodolfo and most likely Mariana to break ties with him.

We are also given new insight into Don Cesar and his wife Mariana’s dynamic when the former begs her to help him get out of trouble as she did 18 years ago. It is then confirmed that it was actually Mariana that came up with the lie all those years ago to get the Lazcano family out of trouble while framing Alex for his sister’s murder. Mariana also reveals that Don Cesar’s casino is funded by the inheritance from her family, essentially saying that for all the wealth Don Cesar flaunts, it actually belongs to his wife. We even see her threaten Don Cesar — something that we have not seen so far — which makes us see their relationship in a new light.

Apart from his familial woes, Don Cesar’s casino is in trouble, with tax agents seen raiding it. It is also revealed in the panicked conversation with his colleague Sergio that the latter has murdered multiple women, which shocks Don Cesar. He then breaks ties with Sergio. Abandoned by his only allies, namely his wife and Sergio, and facing potential financial fraud (for his casino) and criminal charges (for the women murdered by Sergio), it seems like Don Cesar has very few remaining options for recourse. However, being the ruthless character that he is, we can’t write him off just yet.

Additionally, even if Don Cesar might be finished, we see his wife, Mariana, as an equally ruthless character who, at least in this episode, seems to be even more powerful than her husband. She is revealed to be behind at least 3 attempted murders (through Elroy) and is then seen killing her accomplice. It seems likely that the story might shift from Don Cesar and focus on Mariana as the main antagonist from here on out.

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