Who Killed Xander Arnaz in Rabbit Hole? Is The Intern Working For Crowley?

‘Rabbit Hole’ follows Kiefer Sutherland’s John Weir, a master of deception and corporate espionage. While John tries to execute a shady operation for one of his clients, he is inadvertently framed for murder. As John tries to prove his innocence, several more bodies hit the floor, including Xander Arnaz. While there are several mysteries around Aranz’s motives and connections to the larger narrative, the fourth episode sheds some light on his death. Hence, viewers must be curious to learn who killed Xander Arnaz, and if the killer is connected to Crowley. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Xander Arnaz’s Mysterious Death

Xander Arnaz is introduced in the first episode of ‘Rabbit Hole,’ and Canadian actor Jonas Chernick (‘Workin’ Moms‘) plays the role. In the series, Arnaz is an associate of Miles Valence, the CEO of Arda Analytics. Arnaz is the right-hand man of Valence, and the duo makes most of the important decisions regarding the company’s clients and their demands. However, after Valence dies under mysterious circumstances following John’s implication in the murder of Edward Homm, Aranz takes control of the company. In episode 2, John confronts Aranz and demands access to Valence’s comms data. However, Aranz insists the data cannot be accessed without the authenticator.

In the third episode, Arnaz tries to track John as the latter uses the authenticator to access Valence’s comms data. However, John distracts Aranz, correctly deduces the password, and wipes all the data from Valence’s system. Consequently, Aranz fails to deliver on his promise of tracking down John’s location. Hence, Aranz’s boss, presumed to be the infamous power broker Crowley is enraged at him. Later, Aranz falls from his office building, dying under the circumstances matching Valence’s death. However, in the fourth episode, viewers learn that The Intern killed Aranz. The Intern is present during Aranz’s death and seems to be the connecting link between Valence and Aranz’s murders.

The Intern Working Is Connected to Crowley

The Intern first appears in the series premiere episode of ‘Rabbit Hole.’ He is the newest member of John Weir’s crew, and his real name remains unknown. The Intern is also seemingly the only survivor of a bomb explosion at John’s office that claimed the lives of all other employees at his firm. In the series, actor Walt Klink plays the role of The Intern. Klink is known for his appearances in shows such as ‘Maus,’ ‘Arctic Circle,’ and ‘The English.’ In the second episode, The Intern turns on John and fights him as the latter tries to escape with the authenticator stolen from a police evidence room. Thus, it is evident that The Intern is not working for John but for someone else entirely.

The fourth episode, titled ‘The Person in Your Ear,’ sees The Intern posing as a delivery agent and entering Valence’s office building. The Intern confronts Aranz and delivers his boss’ message before throwing him from the roof. Thus, The Intern is responsible for Aranz’s death. Moreover, it is evident that The Intern is not some unsuspecting and inexperienced young adult. Instead, he is a highly skilled and calculating assassin who is employed by powerful, shadowy figures. Given the evidence we know about Valence and Aranz’s deaths, it is safe to assume that The Intern is either directly or indirectly working for Crowley. Furthermore, Crowley might have been secretly using The Intern as a tool long before he came into the picture with John and his team.

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