Who Lives and Who Dies in Wreck Season 1?

Created by Ryan J. Brown, Hulu’s ‘Wreck’ is a horror comedy series set on a luxury cruise ship where a masked serial killer targets seemingly unsuspecting young adults. It follows Jamie Walsh and his friends as they try to uncover the ship’s secrets and several murder mysteries that are inadvertently tied to it. Like any slasher series, ‘Wreck’ also delivers plenty of gruesome deaths as characters constantly face dangerous situations. If you are wondering who dies and who survives ‘Wrekc’ season 1, here is a comprehensive breakdown for you! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Dies and Who Lives?

In ‘Wreck,’ Jamie Walsh searches for answers about his sister Pipa’s death. He joins the staff of the Sacramentum, a luxury cruise ship owned and operated by Velorum, a multi-million dollar corporation. Meanwhile, a psychopathic serial killer wearing a duck mask continues to murder people on the ship. Eventually, Jamie and his friends discover that the ship’s crew works with its wealthy passengers to host a hunting game that allows the passengers to kill the staff members. As a result, Jamie and his friends find their lives in danger.

6. The Officers and Mr. A

Henry Allan, aka Mr. A, is the cruise director of the Sacramentum and controls the deadly game afoot on the ship. He is responsible for commanding the ship’s crew officers, who are no short of a ruthless mafia gang. The officers primarily responsible for helping Mr. A with the hunting games are Karen, Sam, and Beaker. In the season one finale, Jamie and his friends learn about the hunting games and mount a resistance against the officers leading to a fight. Sam is killed by Mr. A to make a point while Karen turns on the officers. Beaker is injured but survives, and Karen uses the duck costume to evade capture. As for Mr. A, he is seemingly arrested by law enforcement officers.

5. The Staff

The Sacramentum’s staff is a group of optimistic and ambitious youngsters who are promised a luxurious life and a life-changing experience by Velorum. However, the staff members are actually prey for the wealthy to hunt and kill. Aside from the main characters, many staff members find themselves embroiled in the conflict, including new joiners like Lauren and Jerome and more experienced workers like Danny and Sophia. Danny is killed in the second episode as he learns about the ship’s secret from Pippa. Jerome is killed in the third episode as a part of the hunting game. Lauren and Sophia survive the events of season one and help in the climactic battle against Mr. A’s forces.

4. Cormac and Rosie

Cormac and Rosie are a couple who have broken up due to a misunderstanding before the show’s events. Rosie works in the ship’s entertainment team while Cormac sneaks onboard to win back her affection. Eventually, Rosie and Cormac reconcile but remain behind to help Jamie and the others uncover the ship’s murder mysteries. Although they face some dangerous situations, Cormac and Rosie survive the first season comfortably.

3. Olly and Lily

Olly and Lily are introduced as the primary love interests for Jamie and Lily, respectively. Olly is a member of the Filipino crew who Jamie initially suspects of being the killer on the loose. On the other hand, Lily is a kind and gentle young woman from a wealthy family who is a passenger on the cruise. However, in one of the show’s big twists, Lily is revealed as the person hunting Vivian, and the two fight in the finale. Lily is killed with a chainsaw as Vivian saves herself. Meanwhile, Olly becomes one of Jamie’s biggest allies and survives a near-death experience in the finale.

2. Jamie and Vivian

Jamie Walsh is the show’s protagonist, while Vivian is his colleague who is invested in her friend’s quest to find the truth about his sister’s death. Jamie and Vivian face constant threats on the ship, and Vivian almost dies at the hand of Lily. However, she survives and defeats her attacker. Jamie also survives the climactic battle and exposes the ship’s heinous truth. The first season ends with Jamie and Vivian making a pact to continue fighting against Velorum and take down the corporation.

1. Pippa

Pippa Walsh is the elder sister of Jamie, and her death kick-starts the show’s events. She is attacked by the masked killer but dies after jumping from the ship. Pippa’s death is reported as a suicide by the ship’s authorities. However, in the show’s biggest twist-revelation, the final scene reveals Pippa is alive and keeping an eye on the Sacramentum. Nonetheless, how Pippa survived and what she’s been up to this whole time remains a mystery for the show’s second season to dive into.

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