Why Did Dennis Rebrov Leave the Lazarus Project?

TNT’s science-fiction series ‘The Lazarus Project’ revolves around the titular multinational organization which is committed to saving the world every time it faces a catastrophe that threatens the existence of humanity. In the first two episodes of the show, the organization deals with the threat of a nuclear warhead named the “Big Boy,” possessed by none other than Dennis Rebrov, a former member of the life-saving organization. The Lazarus Project captures Rebrov in the second episode of the series and protagonist George interrogates him, only for Rebrov to cryptically reveal why exactly he left the organization. If you are intrigued about the same, let us share our take on it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Why Did Dennis Rebrov Leave the Lazarus Project?

Before becoming an international criminal who disrupts the sleep of multiple intelligence and security agencies, Dennis Rebrov was an integral part of the Lazarus Project, committed to saving the world by putting the lives of the agents on the line. Rebrov then parted ways with the organization because he felt that the same wasn’t using their “powers” rightly. First of all, Rebrov doesn’t think that the head and members of the Lazarus Project are smart or intelligent enough to possess the power of turning time backward. While talking to George and Shiv in the second episode of the series, he compares them to the children who sat next to someone like George when he was in school.

Such contempt then paved the way for Rebrov to question the decisions made by the Lazarus Project, particularly the decision to sacrifice the lives of its agents for the sake of others. He must have found it ironic that the Project would gladly accept the deaths of its agents, like Ross, but would turn the time backward for saving people, who are not attached to the organization in any manner, from death. He started questioning the credibility of such an organization, which isn’t accountable to the fates of its own agents.

When Ross died while preventing the Third World War, Archie begged Wes to bring him back alive. Rebrov, who was a part of the Project back then, had to witness Wes dismissing Archie’s request without giving any consideration to the same. Such occurrences must have been a regular happening at the place, changing the mind and commitment of Rebrov. He must have realized that the Project would ruthlessly leave him to die as it did in the case of Ross, which might have contributed to his decision to walk away from the organization.

Furthermore, Rebrov is a nihilist who believes that the world doesn’t need “saving” every time it ends. He believes that the end of the world is a phenomenon that should be accepted as it is rather than considered a catastrophe that should be avoided. As far as Rebrov is considered, the apocalypse is a part of the existence of the world and by preventing the same, the Lazarus Project is manipulating the order of life that exists in the world. To George and Shiv, Rebrov uses the word “cheating” to describe what the Project does to the same order of the world.

Rebrov must have also wanted to gain a sense of control by leaving the Lazarus Project. As someone who believes that the organization is a “cheater” or manipulator, he might have wanted to challenge and defeat the same. That can be the reason why he moves forward with his plan to detonate a nuclear warhead. By leaving the organization and trying to end the world, Rebrov is actually trying to hold the Project “accountable.” Rebrov may become a source of inspiration for George, who wants time to get restored to the last checkpoint so that he can reunite with his dead partner Sarah.

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