Why Did Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair Leave Love Island?

As we all know, ‘Love Island USA‘ is an extremely compelling reality dating show wherein a set of singles step into a villa on the shores of paradise to live in isolation, couple up, and hopefully walk away with true love and the $100,000 grand prize. It’s almost unprecedented for the romantic pairings to make a massive impact on the viewers and improve for one another in a short period. Yet Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair managed to do just that, only to walk away from season three in week 5. So now, let’s find out the reason for their exit, shall we?

Why Did Josh and Shannon Leave Love Island?

At the age of 24, Josh Goldstein coupled up with 25-year-old Shannon St. Clair at the very beginning of the season and worked hard to prove almost everyone wrong about their relationship. Initially, no one thought that this pair would last due to their trust issues and blown-out disagreements, but his actions demonstrated just how determined he was to be better for her. Time and time again, Josh even said that he certainly had no intentions of lying, cheating, or intentionally hurting Shannon in any way possible. Thus, he slowly earned her heart.

Shortly after, Josh and Shannon grew into fan favorites and were dubbed the “strongest couple,” which was reiterated when they went on their first official date (a zip lining experience) on the August 4, 2021, episode. After all, not only did Shannon confess that she was “on cloud nine” and “could totally see” a potential future with Josh in the real world, but he went one step further and asked her to officially be his girlfriend. With their growth, passion, and choice to always be loyal, they were the frontrunners in this series, but they had to leave.

During the August 5 episode, after a fun night having a welcome party for new Islanders Andre Brunelli and K-Ci Maultsby, the contestants woke up to find Josh and Shannon’s bed empty. Josh then came in with his partner to share that they have elected to leave because he got the heartbreaking news that his sister passed away the night before. Of course, he chose to be with his family to deal with this terrible loss, yet Shannon, to her credit, decided to accompany her new boyfriend to help in any way she could. In the end, they left hand in hand.

During the episode, while telling his fellow Islanders what had transpired, Josh had broken down. He acknowledged that his sister, Lindsey Beth, was the reason he was doing ‘Love Island.’ Therefore, she was not only the driving force behind all his positive actions but was also the sole person responsible for helping him find new friends and Shannon.

Following this news, everyone has shown genuine concern for Josh and his family, and the official social media accounts of ‘Love Island USA’ even penned, “We send our love and condolences to Josh and his family from all of us at Love Island.” Unfortunately, at this trying time, even we can only offer our condolences to the Goldstein’s and respect their privacy.

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