Why Did Natacha Karam’s Marjan Marwani Leave 9-1-1: Lone Star?

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As a firefighter and an individual, Marjan Marwani is valued immensely in Station 126 in FOX’s action series ‘9-1-1: Lone Star.’ She doesn’t stay away from dangers in the line of duty and always sticks to her principles. In the fifth episode of the fourth season, an HR investigator named Asha arrives in 126 to investigate a complaint registered against Marjan by a couple. With the support of Captain Owen Strand, she cooperates with the investigation but eventually makes a significant decision concerning her future at the station. Marjan’s decision paves the way for Natacha Karam’s exit from the show. If you are startled by the same, here’s everything you need to know about it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Marjan Marwani?

In the second episode of the fourth season, the firefighters of Station 126 try to save a woman trapped in a trailer stolen by her husband. Marjan gets into the trailer and asks the woman to join her to leave the same, only for the latter to reply that she isn’t leaving because she owns the trailer. Marjan calls her “crazy” in frustration and eventually saves her. The couple reconciles and files a complaint with the AFD against Marjan for calling the wife “crazy.” Marjan apologizes to the family, only for them to demand an apology uploaded on her popular Instagram profile.

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In addition to the online apology, the couple wants Marjan to attach a GoFundMe link that directs one to the couple’s fundraiser in return for dropping the complaint. The firefighter realizes that the couple is trying to use her fame to garner money. She makes it clear that she will not compromise on her principles and decides against posting the link as the couple wanted. Her decision to do the same leads her to part ways with the AFD. Marjan leaves the station with Strand’s motorcycle for new adventures, paving the way for Natacha Karam’s exit from the procedural series.

Reason Behind Natacha Karam’s Exit

Natacha Karam seemingly left ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ since her character’s absence is demanded by the narrative of the fourth season. “I knew that I wanted to do the HR episode for a lot of reasons. […] And when we were breaking the story, the question was, ‘Who would be the most surprising person to be under an HR investigation?’ Well, there’s a few contenders there, but the idea that it was Marjan appealed to us all because it was so counterintuitive,” co-creator Tim Minear told EW. “We were literally shooting that scene in the runaway house where she [Marjan] comes to the skylight and says, ‘Small hold up with her being a crazy lady.’ Right at that moment, I knew that was what would set this all in motion,” he added.

Image Credit: Kevin Estrada/FOX

Through Marjan’s fight against the couple who threatens her, Minear wanted to show how “one thing that somebody could say without thinking could come back to haunt them,” as per EW. The character’s departure from Station 126 and AFD turned out to be the appropriate conclusion for such a storyline. “And what is the most satisfying conclusion to a story like that? She [Marjan] could get the better of the Geralds, she could take a stand, and everything could work out for her, but I think she needed to go away for a moment to explore what her feelings about her own identity as a firefighter are,” Minear said in the same EW interview.

Thus, Karam’s exit is the result of an intriguing storyline involving Marjan. In the upcoming episodes, we will not be seeing Marjan’s fierceness gracing 126. “It’s not like Marjan is just going to come right back and start working at the firehouse again. That is not the arc of this season. She is gone. She’s out of state. She is alone,” Karam told EW. However, we haven’t seen the last of Marjan in the series but Karam is not returning to the procedural anytime soon. “She [Marjan] is off on her own adventures, which the audience will get to follow her on — but not right away,” the actress added.

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