Why Did Patrick Adams Leave Suits? Does Mike Ross Come Back?

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Suits‘ is a thrilling legal drama series that revolves around Mike Ross, an intelligent college dropout with a photographic memory, who finds himself in the world of high-stake lawyers while trying to run from a drug deal. Yet, once filming for season 7 wrapped, Patrick Adams, the actor who essays Mike, confirmed that he would not return for the remaining seasons. While this news was pretty disappointing for fans, season 9 brought with it renewed hope as the producers talked in length about his possible return. With readers now eager to know the truth, let’s jump in and find out why Patrick Adams left ‘Suits,’ and if he returns to the show, shall we?

Why Did Patrick Adams Leave Suits?

The season 7 finale brings Mike Ross and Rachel Zane’s storyline to a conclusion as we see them tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony. Following the wedding, Mike even informs Harvey about his plan to move to Seattle and start a law clinic with his wife. Unfortunately, this is the last time he and Rachel appear on screen together. Patrick Adams later mentioned that once Meghan Markle, the actress who essays Rachel Zane, chose to leave the show because of her marriage to Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, he knew his character would not have the same chemistry with someone new.

Interestingly, when talking about his decision to leave the show, Patrick revealed he believes there was nothing more for him to achieve with the character. In fact, he wanted to leave midway into season six when his character, Mike, gets released from prison after promising to fight for underrepresented clients instead of massive corporate powerhouses. According to Patrick, there wasn’t a viable way to fit such a version of his character in the general story arc, and he was pretty confident of his exit by the time filming for season 7 wrapped.

Furthermore, the actor revealed how filming ‘Suits’ forced him to stay away from his family for eight long years, and since he tied the knot with Troian Bellisario in 2016, he wanted to spend some quality time away from work. On top of it, Patrick felt like the end of season 7 was the perfect time to leave alongside Meghan, and he explained his decision in a statement. He said, “There was this natural sense that we both knew that the time had come for both of us. It went unspoken, and we just enjoyed the hell out of the last few episodes that we got to shoot.”

Does Mike Ross Come Back?

Yes! We are thrilled to report that Mike Ross returns in season 9, the final season of ‘Suits,’ although we get to see him in a guest role. When teasing the character’s return to the beloved series, creator Aaron Korsh mentioned that he would face his former mentor Harvey and Samantha Wheeler in an epic courtroom battle in the finale. Aaron also explained his decision behind such a face-off and said, “The big challenge of it was wanting to have more fun and needing to have some drama. It was picking and choosing how many kinds of fun, bantery scenes we could have before we go, ‘Hey, these people are not on the same side.'”

Interestingly, Aaron even confirmed that Harvey and Mike’s aggressive rivalry will have unforeseen ramifications for most of the characters in the latter half of the season. On the other hand, Patrick appeared excited about his return and even addressed it in an interview with Deadline, stating, “I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the final chapter of ‘Suits.’ I’ve missed my TV family and am looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble Mike Ross can stir up at the firm one last time. But, if the wardrobe department thinks they’re getting back the suits I stole when I left, they’re going to be very disappointed.” Hence, we can outright confirm that viewers will get a glimpse of Mike Ross when they tune in to watch season 9 of the beloved legal drama series.

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