Why Did Tokyo Die in Money Heist?

There is never a dull moment for a fan of ‘Money Heist.’ The Netflix heist action-drama series keeps us perpetually at the edge of our seats with relentless action, drama, and mystery. In its fifth season, the show not only manages to hold on to this trait but goes beyond than ever before by depicting Tokyo’s (Úrsula Corberó) death. Since the pilot episode, Tokyo has been the narrator of the series, and the audience expected that she would have plot armor to last until the end. If you are wondering about the reasons that ultimately resulted in her death, we got you covered.

Why Did Tokyo Die in Money Heist?

After the Royal Mint heist, Tokyo and Rio (Miguel Herrán) spend several days on a remote Caribbean island. However, Tokyo soon grows restless and leaves the island to have a taste of her old life. Rio foolishly calls her on a satellite phone, believing it to be secure, but the authorities find him.

Tokyo subsequently reaches out to the Professor for help. The latter realizes that they don’t have much time, so he decides to use his brother’s plan of stealing gold from the Bank of Spain and force the government to release Rio. The old squad of the criminals reunites, and again they spend considerable time preparing for the heist.

This time, the team’s on-field leader is Palermo, who originally came up with the plan for the heist along with Berlin. But during the heist, his volatile personality and erratic behavior turn almost the entire team against him, and Rio soon overthrows him.

To spite her and teach the team a lesson, he tells Gandia, the chief of security of the bank, how to get out of the handcuffs. He was likely planning to cause a minor incident with this. He didn’t think that it would prove to be a drastic miscalculation on his part. Gandia wreaks havoc across the bank. He takes Tokyo hostage and later kills Nairobi. Although the robbers eventually catch him, the damage is already done.

The final episode of season 5 part 1 is entirely dedicated to Tokyo. The episode gradually builds up to the final few scenes that depict her death. She claims that people live several lives. In one life, she was in love with René (Miguel Ángel Silvestre). After his death during a botched bank robbery, she virtually stopped living until the Professor found her and recruited her. She learned to live again when she met Rio.

Earlier in the season, it is revealed that Tokyo and Rio only pretended to break up to fool the authorities who had implanted listening devices on Rio’s body. They are still very much together. In the final episode, the military breaks into the bank and forcefully separate Tokyo, Denver, and Manila from the rest of the robbers, trapping them inside the kitchen. Tokyo gets shot in her hands and legs by snipers outside. Tokyo volunteers to stay behind when Stockholm informs them about the dumbwaiter so Denver and Manila can go down.

Meanwhile, Rio tries to reach her from below by creating a hole, but ultimately, it isn’t large enough. Denver and Manila try to build a landing zone for Tokyo, but they are too late. If Stockholm hadn’t injected herself with morphine, she could have helped them finish the job earlier and give Rio a real chance to save herself. But in her disoriented state, Stockholm is no help.

The soldiers ultimately break into the kitchen and find Rio. Gandia is with them. They bring her down by filling her with bullets. But when Gandia turns her over, he sees four grenade pins in her hand. He only manages to shout out a warning before the four grenades explode, killing Tokyo, Gandia, and a few of Sagasta’s soldiers. Evidently, many things worked against the robbers, and they ended up causing Tokyo’s death.

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