Why do Clare and Aidan Break Up in Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between?

Image Credit: Katie Yu / Netflix

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between’ follows the love story of Clare and Aidan. The moment they meet each other, sparks fly. They have undeniable chemistry, and everyone can see that. They are so compatible with each other that Clare’s best friend, Stella admits that she is obsessed with their relationship. Everyone who sees them together feels like they are perfect for each other. It’s hard to come by a person that clicks with you like this. Then why do Clare and Aidan call quits on their seemingly flawless relationship? Why do they break up? Here’s what you should know about them.

Why do Clare and Aidan Break Up?

Even before their story begins, Clare makes it known that they are not to be together by the time they leave for college. She has her inhibitions about their future, which remain even after they spend a magical year together. The reason behind it lies in her parents’ relationship. They, too, had met each other while in high school. Believing they were the one for one another, they married soon after. However, as time passed, their relationship suffered. The love that they’d initially had vanished bit by bit, and it all happened in front of Clare.

At an early age, she saw the marriage of her parents deteriorate. She saw how unhappy her mother was. When they finally got divorced, Clare held on to the notion that love that happens at a young age doesn’t last long. She decided that teen love might seem like a wonderful thing at the time but it doesn’t survive adulthood. She also found that her mother moved around a lot because of the men that she subsequently fell for. This led to an adverse effect on Clare who had to change schools all the time. So, when the time came for college, she decided she wouldn’t let anything affect her future.

Going to college and making a good life for herself was her first and foremost priority and she wouldn’t allow herself to be influenced by anyone. Neither would she want it for the other person. With all these feelings, when she met Aidan, she decided to make it clear right at the beginning, lest someone’s heart is broken when it finally comes to an end. Despite being cautious about her feelings, it becomes difficult for her to part with Aidan. But all her fears and worries won’t simply disappear because they love each other at the moment.

Whatever doubts she had about breaking up with Aidan go away on their last day together. She sees that he is deliberately holding himself back. It was a shame that he didn’t get into Berklee, but that shouldn’t have stopped him from applying to all the other colleges of music. Instead, he was ready to go to another college and do something that he didn’t even like just so he could be close to her, hoping to give their relationship a chance. This is exactly what Clare didn’t want.

Another thing that she wanted was to enter college with a clean slate. She wanted to experience it without having an obligation to someone else. She felt that the relationship of their parents through college kept them from the experiences that would have taught them a thing or two about life and love. She didn’t want that for herself, or for Aidan. So, when she saw what Aidan was ready to do with his future for her, it became clear that they needed to break up. The holding back that she had been worried about was playing out exactly as she had thought it would. Later, Aidan too realizes what’s happening and finds it best to stick to their original plan of parting amicably. So, they finish their planned itinerary, say their goodbyes, and move on with their lives.

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