Why Does Everyone Call Erika, Helen Who, in Boo, Bitch?

Image Credit: Erik Voake/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Boo, Bitch’ tells the story of high school student Erika Vu (Lana Condor) and her best friend Gia (Zoe Margaret Colletti). On the verge of graduation, they realize that they haven’t really enjoyed their high-school experience and decide to make the best of the remaining days until they depart for college, though Gia is much more enthusiastic about it than Erika. Neither girl is particularly well known among the rest of the student body, and Erika seems to prefer that over infamy. It is revealed that most students know Erika as Helen Who. Despite her repeated attempts, it hasn’t changed. Here is everything you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Why Is Erika Called Helen Who by Everyone?

All this started four years earlier when Erika, Gia, and the rest of their classmates were entering high school. Like many of her classmates, Erika had big hopes for high school. She was on the line to take a photo for her ID when she suddenly turned and headbutted a girl named Riley Bhatia (Aparna Brielle) on the nose. There was subsequently some bleeding and a lot of screaming. As Erika tried to apologize, one of Riley’s friends revealed that Riley had a summer of transformation, accusing Erika of ruining her.

Later, as Erika tried to clean the blood from her shirt, Riley came over and told her that she was a joke, promising she would never forget what happened. A terrified Erika tried to apologize again, stating that it was an accident. But Riley wouldn’t listen and told Erika to make herself invisible, or she would do it for her.

Image Credit: Erik Voake/Netflix

When the time came to take the photo for her ID, Erika encountered Jake C. (Mason Versaw), who complimented the bloody horn of the unicorn in Erika’s shirt, making her blush. Riley was standing right behind them. Hearing this, she became further irritated. Jake C. introduced himself and asked for Erika’s name. Unfortunately, only a muffled sound escaped Erika’s mouth. Jake C. thought she was saying, Helen. When he said aloud, “Helen,” the photographer absentmindedly asked Helen Who. At this point, Riley jumped in and declared that Erika’s name was Helen Who.

The name stuck despite Erika’s attempts to change it every year. When she discovers that she is registered as Helen Who even in the yearbook, that becomes the last straw. Until then, she was happy to let her high school years pass her by. She realizes that she let Riley paralyze her four years ago and has remained so ever since. With 60 days to go till graduation, Erika and Gia decide that this is their last chance to make epic memories. Erika declares that Helen Who must die so Erika Vu can live.

Erika later finds out that Jake C. has always known her real name. Just when everything seems to be falling into order, the incident with the truck and the moose happens. Believing that she is dead, Erika ironically finds new meaning in her life.

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