Why is Ahsoka Not a Jedi, Explained

Created by Dave Filoni, Disney+’s ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka,’ or simply ‘Ahsoka’ is an action-adventure series set in a galaxy far, far away. The series revolves around the titular hero as she investigates a returning threat to the galaxy following the fall of the Empire. Meanwhile, Ahsoka is also forced to confront her past and reevaluate the bonds she has built during her fight against the Imperial forces. As a result, viewers are likely to get confused by the complicated nature of Ahsoka’s association with the Jedi Order. If you are wondering why Ahsoka is not a Jedi in ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Ahsoka Tano?

Ahsoka Tano is first introduced in 2008’s ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ animated film that takes place between the films ‘Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones’ and ‘Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.’ Ahsoka is a main character in the animated series ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars,’ which directly follows the events of the namesake film. In the series, Ahsoka is a young Jedi Padawan assigned to train under Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. She is from the Togruta alien race of planet Shili but was raised on Coruscant.

Initially, Ahsoka is a gifted force user who disregards the Jedi Order’s rules. Ahsoka is assigned to train under Anakin a few months before the start of the Clone Wars. However, Anakin and Ahsoka would often butt heads on several missions before developing mutual respect and a strong friendship. In her animated appearances, Ahsoka is voiced by Ashley Eckstein, with actress Rosario Dawson portraying the character in live-action, starting with the second season of ‘The Mandalorian.’

Why is Ahsoka Not a Jedi?

Ahsoka Tano’s journey is an important yet understated aspect of the ‘Star Wars’ mythology. Ahsoka was trained as a Jedi Padawan and learned to use the Force under her master, Anakin, who eventually turned to the dark side and became the infamous Darth Vader. While Anakin’s journey between the Force’s light side (represented by the Jedi) and the dark side (represented by the Sith) is well-known to franchise fans, Ahsoka’s path is slightly more complicated. Despite holding the qualities to become a full-fledged Jedi Knight, Ahsoka left the Jedi Order of her own accord towards the end of the Clone Wars.

In season 5 of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars,’ Ahsoka is accused by the Jedi Order of bombing the Jedi temple on Coruscant. Ahsoka pleads her innocence, but the Jedi Order intends to punish her until Anakin proves the bombing was Padawan Barriss Offee’s doing. As a result, Ahsoka is exonerated and offered a chance to rejoin the Jedi. However, she refuses due to the Jedi Order’s lack of trust in her and forges her own path. Ahsoka would go on to undertake the codename “Fulcrum” and serve as a high-ranking member of the Rebellion in the animated series ‘Star Wars Rebels.’

Despite no longer aligning herself with the Jedi Order, Ahsoka continues to use her Jedi training and strictly adheres to the light side of the Force. As a result, the Imperial remnants deem her as a Jedi. Moreover, Ahsoka embodies the ideals of being a Jedi and is one of the few Force users uncorrupted by politics, greed, and power. Ahsoka believes in fighting for justice, as evidenced by her alignment with the Rebellion, which is the true purpose of Jedi. Therefore, while Ahsoka denounces the title of a Jedi, she still carries the teachings and ideals of the Jedi Order. ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka” continues to explore Ahsoka’s complicated relationship with the ways of the Jedi, especially through her relationship with Sabine Wren, whom she trains as a Padawan, much like Anakin trained her.

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