Did Wickie and Sheawn Break Up in Girls5eva?

Girls5eva,’ a comedy show revolving around a one-hit-wonder girl group from the 90s seeking a comeback twenty years after their initial break, delves into the seemingly impossible path to reigniting lost fame. Four former artists, Wickie, Dawn, Summer, and Gloria, helm the narrative as they attempt to bring the band back together to return to their glory days. Nevertheless, their journey ends up harboring more complications than expected, as the women try to find a way to reconcile their post-fame lives with their past.

Within the narrative, Wickie, whose ambition to strike out on her own as a solo artist contributed to the group’s initial downfall, remains as ambitious as ever in her pursuit of success. Therefore, as the women embark on a haphazard cross-country tour in season three, viewers can’t help but wonder where Wickie’s life on the road left her previous relationship with Sheawn, the Lunch Lord. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Wickie and Sheawn’s Long-Distance Relationship

While the other members of Girls5eva move on from their faded stardom in some ways, taking up other professions and responsibilities, Wickie continues chasing after success even decades later. The woman attempted to jumpstart her solo career but failed to gain the same amount of prominence as she had with her band. Nevertheless, through strategic marketing and odd gigs, Wickie manages to maintain the facade of a glamorous life.

Therefore, even though she isn’t a successful artist, Wickie has intense ambitions to make the same a reality for her. For the same reason, she encourages the others to rebuild Girls5eva, the band, and orchestrate a comeback. However, during the same, the other members, Dawn, Summer, and Gloria, begin to influence Wickie and her perception of reality. As such, they help her grow by affirming that fame isn’t always the most important thing in life.

Consequently, even though Wickie rejects Sheawn after meeting him through Dawn’s husband, she can’t help but warm up to him and his kind personality. As such, the two end up falling in with each other and enter a relationship. Wickie’s strong feelings for Sheawn often overwhelm the woman since she never expected to fall for a high school Lunch Lord. Furthermore, she isn’t used to such serious relationships with a partner who intrinsically understands and respects her.

For the same reason, Wickie and Sheawn decide to continue their relationship even after the former embarks on her tour, leaving the latter behind. Sheawn maintains that the couple can pull off a long-distance relationship since their feelings for each other are so pure. Yet, Wickie finds herself struggling with the same idea when she crosses paths with an old infatuation, Torque, on the tour.

During Wickie’s stardom in the 90s, she was in a PR relationship with Torque. Consequently, even though the duo were never actually together, Wickie developed feelings for him. However, in the present day, she receives a second chance to hook up with Torque, who seems to reciprocate her attraction. In the past, Wickie has always been someone who took what she wanted without particularly caring about its impact on other people. Therefore, her friends are unsympathetic to her dilemma, convinced she will hook up with Torque, regardless of her relationship with Sheawn.

For the same reason, Wickie finds herself reaching out to Sheawn. Surprisingly, Sheawn is considerate of her situation. Sheawn understood the complications that came with dating Wickie, so he’s prepared to lose her to her impulses. While Wickie attempts to take advantage of the same, employing Sheawn’s understanding as a free get-out-of-jail card by hooking up with Torque just once, she finds herself unable to go through with it when the moment comes.

Despite Wickie’s impulses, her feelings for Sheawn are bigger and prevent her from hurting the man in such a cruel way— an experience that is a first for the woman in many ways. Therefore, Wickie doesn’t cheat on Sheawn and respects their long-distance relationship. In the end, the couple’s relationship strengthens, with both realizing the depths of the other’s feelings for them.

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