Will Charlie Die? Is Alexa Nisenson Leaving FTWD?

Image Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC

The tenth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 7 depicts Charlie’s arrival at Strand’s Tower. Howard questions her about the reason behind her arrival, only for Charlie to reply that she is at the place seeking better living conditions. To convince Howard that she can be a worthful addition to his community, Charlie volunteers to complete a suicide mission that involves finding elevator parts to fix the ones at the Tower.

She manages to fulfill the mission but only by jeopardizing her health. As Charlie deals with the aftermath of her mission, one must be concerned about the possibility of her death, which can pave the way for Alexa Nisenson’s exit from the show. Well, let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Charlie Die?

Charlie arrives at Strand’s Tower to turn off the beacon for Morgan to rescue Grace and Mo. She realizes that she needs to earn Howard’s trust and volunteers to fulfill a mission his men have failed to complete. Along with Ali, she goes to an abandoned building to get the parts necessary for fixing the elevators in the Tower. She survives the threat of the walkers to complete the mission and earn Ali’s trust and affection. Meanwhile, her exposure to radiation makes her pass out. Ali contacts John to save her, who helps him bring Charlie back to the Tower. June tends to her and saves her from death, at least for the time being.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

However, the degree of Charlie’s exposure to the radiation severely affects her. June even informs Ali that her days are numbered. Considering June’s words, Charlie’s death is a possibility. Still, she may survive with the proper medical care and attention that June can provide her in the Tower. As far as Charlie is concerned, radiation is acting like a slow poison for her. If June succeeds in mitigating its severity, we may see gradual improvements in her health.

Charlie’s ill health isn’t the only threat to her life in the Tower. Since Howard and his allies know that she is one of the enemies, he may try to put an end to her life. His attempt to kill her for trying to turn off the beacon using Ali fails when June warns him that she will not continue her service as a nurse if Charlie is harmed. June’s invaluableness is expected to become a shield for Charlie while she possibly makes progress in her recovery. With June’s help, we can expect her to stay alive a bit longer.

Is Alexa Nisenson Leaving FTWD?

As of yet, neither AMC nor Alexa Nisenson has released an announcement regarding the actress’ suspected departure from ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ indicating the likeliness of Alexa continuing to feature in the show. Even though Charlie’s life is hanging by a thread, June’s intervention saves her from imminent dangers. Since Victor and Howard are expected to focus on battling the forces of both Alicia and Arno to safeguard the Tower, they may not be in a hurry to harm Charlie. To ensure June’s essential service in the impending battle, they may spare the girl’s life. If that’s the case, we can expect Charlie’s storyline to not get concluded anytime soon, which dismisses concerns over Alexa’s supposed departure from the show.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

In the upcoming episodes, we can expect Charlie and June to team up to bring down Victor and his force internally for Morgan. They may try to find ways to restrict Howard’s influence on Victor with the help of John. Considering these possibilities, we can expect Alexa Nisenson to continue portraying Charlie in the horror show.

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